Who’s Counting?

I don’t talk much about Luke in this blog.  I’m not sure why… maybe because he doesn’t bring me as much emotional angst as Hannah and I don’t feel I need to vent as much about him.  Or maybe because he doesn’t say as much that totally blows me away as Hannah does.  Really, he doesn’t say much at all.  It also could be because I don’t relate to him as much because he’s not, well, a girl like.  I don’t know, the material just isn’t as in my face as the drama that Hannah brings me each and every day.  So, sadly he’s kind of missing from this blog.

But yesterday when out of the blue he started counting on his own, I stopped and turned to him and I felt my entire body smile.  Not just my mouth.  Not just my face.  No, my whole body curled upward into a smile.  Because, as many of you know, this little guy has been extremely slow in the speaking department and each word that comes out of his mouth is a true triumph for me.  And him.  When he answers a question with more than just “YEAH Mommy”, he looks at me, head cocked to the side, shoulders shrugging with a smile that says, “Yup, I DID just say that!  On my own!”.  And he sees the pride written all over me.

Words are still coming slowly.  Very slowly.  But they are coming.  My mom joked yesterday that he talks a little like E.T. And it’s true.  He says the important words in sentences, but not necessarily all of the words that actually make a sentence a Sentence.  But it’s ok.  Because I get him.  I hear him. And I can finally talk WITH him, not just to him. And for those of you who can relate to this situation, you know how much it melts you when these conversations happen.

So yesterday, Luke was playing with his cars.  Pulling them out of his big box o’ cars and placing them in his little parking garage one at a time.  And with each one he pulled out, he shouted out a number.  As if he was announcing who was next at the deli counter.

“TWO!” (He skips the number One. Always. Who needs One anyway?)



“ZIX!” (Yup, he skips five too which angers Hannah to no end as it’s her age).



“NION!” (kind of rhymes with Lion)


“FUH-FEVEN!” (my favorite number of all time)



And back to “TWO!” he goes…

I also loved watching him raise each car high over his head as he announced its number to the crowd, while he dug through the box for the next victim.

I tried to get him to learn the numbers beyond “Firteen”, but he was very happy getting that high and starting over.  He actually ignored all attempts on my part to coach him in any way.  And that was more than fine. Because this all happened on his own. Without prodding.  Without begging him to learn.  It happened how it was meant to happen.


On his own terms.

And it’s how he will continue. Not rushed. Not stressed. And soon, he’ll be counting to infinity. Including One and Five.

And conversing with all of us. For us all to understand. Not just me and E.T.




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14 responses to “Who’s Counting?

  1. I know exactly what you mean, your whole body curling into a smile. That is so great for your son! You must be so happy. I love hearing my youngest say new things, or say a word properly for the first time, and counting is a HUGE big deal. Yay. xo

  2. He’s such a cutie!

    My middle son as like that and I remember the first time he sang a song for me. I almost cried.

  3. Oh, I love it! How very sweet. Kind of funny how Hannah is go-go-go drama girl and Luke is laid-back and not rushed, moving and learning at his own pace. A nice balance. And I love “nion”! 🙂

  4. I must be honest. I don’t know how you stop yourself from eating this child up on a daily basis. He is that sweet.

    Kudos to you for finding the strength to let him be. I think that is one of the biggest challenges we mothers face. Just letting them be.

  5. Very sweet. My daughter is learning how to read and I find myself smiling, knowing the importance of words and reading and hoping that she loves them as much as I do. The pic at the end is absolutely adorable.

  6. I totally get it. Javi was 3 before he uttered a word beyond mama and dada. That first year of language was a gift I’ll always treasure (even if some days I want to muzzle him).

  7. mommylebron

    I can so relate to the unbalance blog presence. I find myself constantly thinking I don’t blog about the boys enough. Your little guy is so adorable! And now? I think “FUH-FEVEN!” is my favorite number too!

  8. My son used to skip one too. I found it was because when he was learning to count I always said one and then let him finish. He eventually learned that one is the right number to start with.

    I love those first few conversations when you can finally understand each other. It makes life that much easier.

  9. I am so happy for you both. I watched my middle son struggle to find the words, much to his frustration. He is still more quiet than the other two, I think it’s his nature to be so. But once he found the words, what a relief for both of us!

    So, so happy little Luke is counting on his own, without prompting…What a joy for you!

    And as for your whole body smiling…I SO get that!

  10. Wow! I don’t know Luke personally, but from reading on your blog I realize what a huge achievement this is! How wonderful for both you and him!

    As a sidenote: Emily skips six. It’s pretty awesome. : )

  11. Our boys, they hold special places in our hearts. And yours is so precious.

  12. Luke is just adorable – I’m sure he’ll be there soon enough someday where he’ll be jabbering away with you or Hannah about something totally insignificant.

    I was always eager for my Little Miss to start talking, and now that she has, she hasn’t stopped. Not once. Seriously, this moderation thing is completely lost on these toddlers.

  13. I know exactly that feeling…when your whole body responds to something your kid has just done. What really gets me is seeing how each child elicits that response in me. They are all so different. They all have their own challenges, their own sweet spots.

    Just yesterday, as I sat on the bleachers for J’s second soccer game, I nearly melted into a puddle of tears as he made an outstanding save. My son, the goalkeeper. I listen to the chitter chatter of the other parents–giving him praise, marveling at his determination and his fearlessness. I literally had to swallow back the tears as shivers went through my body.

    Sometimes, some TIMES, their sweet spot hits our sweet spot and that’s when we feel the magic.


  14. Liz

    Hey! Look at that! He skips “one” because he’s got it on his shirt! 😉
    I have a friend whose kid did not say a word (not a word) til he was like 3. Then…now…he will not shut up.
    “On his own terms.” That’s how it is with some kids.
    Sweet post, and I love that you are honest enough to say that you don’t write about it so much.

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