A minute

It only takes a minute.

To get something off your chest.

Shed a tear and feel healed.

It only takes a minute to grab someone’s hand

Give them a hug

Tell them they mean the world.

In a minute you can shake off a fear

Or realize that you’re frozen with fear

In just a minute you can melt with pride

Watching someone’s first anything

And in another minute your arms can be tightly wrapped around them

Squeezing the pride right back into them

Sadly it also only takes a minute to realize

She may have grown out of your big bear hugs and kisses in public

And that someone you thought was your friend

Really isn’t.

Wishes are made in a minute.

Dreams can come true in a minute.






All can be felt or shared

In A Minute.

And if all of This

Only takes a minute

As a resolution to myself

And for my sanity

I will be here.

For a minute

Or two. Or three.

Every day.

Because that’s all I need.

It’s all it needs to take.

I miss this place.


Every minute.

So here I’ll be

Sharing my minutes.

Even if just One. At. A. Time.



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10 responses to “A minute

  1. Welcome Back. Insightful post.

  2. Beautiful post. Welcome back!

  3. Glad to hear your voice again. Looking forward to more minutes in 2011!

  4. I’ve missed you and am happy to see you back.

  5. Profound. I love how you make me think.

  6. Miss you so much, and hope to see more of you. But trust me, I understand if you can’t. Balance, minutes, all of it elusive.

  7. Just beautiful, Becca. I have missed your insight and play of words. I will be here, reading about your minutes….

    Happy New Year, friend. Wishing you the best in 2011!

  8. happy 2011 and welcome back! i so enjoy your words.

  9. Oh Becca, you’re so right. And insightful as usual. I’ve been neglectful of my own blog during the holidays and didn’t realize just how much I’ve missed the familiar “faces” until I’m back. Can’t wait to hear more from you. And so glad to see you here again 🙂

  10. Loved that. And I love reading your posts.

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