Through her eyes. And a lens.

My parents had a few hours alone with Hannah yesterday while I was at a doctor’s appointment.  She had spent the morning on the couch reading, coloring and watching TV as I had little energy to have her do much else.  So I was thrilled when they walked into my house with a plan for her.

My dad had brought his camera and thought that the three of them could go somewhere for her to take pictures.   My dad suggested maybe going to a farm to take pictures of animals.  A playground to take pictures of kids. The mall to take pictures of the buzz of shoppers.  Or a nursery to take pictures of flowers. She seemed less than thrilled with the ideas.  Perfectly happy under a blanket on the couch.  Feeling unmotivated to do much more than play a board game on the floor.

I left for the doctor, sure that I’d return to find her seated in the exact same position, possibly even asleep in my mom’s lap.

Two hours later I returned to an empty house.  They returned shortly after having had a fantastic time together taking pictures.  I didn’t hear much about it other than what fun they had at a horse farm.  And then today, I opened these that my dad sent from his camera.  And I added  Hannah’s comments as we flipped through the images.

“Aren’t these so bright pink and happy looking?”

“Isn’t it neat how the horses go on and on… one after another.”

“I like the red barn.  And I didn’t even notice those dark clouds.”

“Nanny told me to take this but isn’t it so neat how you can see the horsie through the door?”

“I liked taking pictures of the cars zooming by.  And they look still in the pictures!”

“It was neat to take a picture looking straight up.”

“Isn’t this the prettiest bright pink mommy?  And looks like it will have a friend soon.”

“Doesn’t Grampy look funny upside down?”

There were more pictures too.  More horses.  More upside down pictures.  More cars zooming by.  She loved reviewing them with me. Sharing the moments with me.  Seeing how she was able to stop life (the cars) and change life (grampy upside down) just through the push of a button.

And I was actually in awe.  In awe of what her little eyes spotted and what was interesting to her through the lens.  And in the pictures that my parent’s helped direct her to take, how she had a sense of what should be centered.  How the beauty should be prominent.

Thank you Nanny and Grampy for getting her off the couch.  Oustside to enjoy a gorgeous end of summer day.  And showing my five year old Life through this different lens.



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15 responses to “Through her eyes. And a lens.

  1. That is just so sweet and so fun!! I love how she saw the world!! And her comments with each picture make them all even better. To know what she saw gives each picture so much more meaning!

  2. What fun! I especially love the pink flower soon to have a friend.

  3. It’s lovely looking through the lens of a little girl. She captured so many great pics.

  4. Karen

    Such great pictures Hannah! Looks like she has a future in photography!

  5. She has a great eye! Nice job Hannah.

  6. she really does have a great eye, so refreshing.
    and gold star to nanny and grampy!

  7. What an extraordinary eye! Looks like you have a world class photographer in the making…Maybe, I will be giving my seven year old a turn with the camera and see what he comes up with…Just lovely!

  8. love the post, the fun had and your sweet girl’s view of the world and completely fab captions to go along with those photos! 🙂

  9. This is so sweet! I love the picture of your parents at the end. (A very lovely looking couple, I might add!)

  10. Nicki

    I am not sure which made me smile more – the wonderful photos or H’s commentary! Fantastic on both counts.

  11. That is all kinds of awesome. And I adore her commentary. A budding photographer!

  12. I bet she was glad she decided to play along! I am loving the perspective that I get from my kids. I have started asking Nate questions just to see how he views things. It’s funny and amazing to see what goes on in their heads. :o)

    On a side note. I have tried to follow you in my Blogger feed and it show that I am following you, but it doesn’t put you in my dashboard. Have you had this problem before?

  13. Very sweet! I think my favorite has to be of grampy upside down.

  14. What a gift your parents have given her. Oh how I wish Little Miss had the kind of grandparents Hannah has. She’s a lucky girl.

    My daughter’s grandparents were in town (they’re out of state) for an annual golf outing and they didn’t “get out in time” so that they could come see my daughter. Her grandpa hasn’t seen her since spring, and that just broke my heart, especially when she adores them!

  15. i love how they engaged her so fully, and she came alive.

    makes me reconsider what things i assume are “too big” yet for my little one…

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