Where’s the sun, climbing the Walls Wet, Windy, Wordless Wednesday

Day Five of Rain on our VACATION. Rain in the comfort of your own town, in your own home is one thing.  But in an unfamiliar city, in a rented house on the BEACH is another.

Can we all do a rain dance for my (and my kids’) sanity please?



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11 responses to “Where’s the sun, climbing the Walls Wet, Windy, Wordless Wednesday

  1. We will gladly take the rain off of your hands. . . 115 degrees in Phoenix yesterday!

  2. This picture-so sweet-speaks of longing, which I too am feeling. I WANT rain, of Biblical proportions, just not for five days! 🙂

  3. The rest of the week should be gorgeous and up in the sunnt hot 80s! I can’t believe you caught the ONLY 5 days of rain (in a row) we’ve had since spring!

  4. That sucks. I guess you’re having some serious family bonding.

    The last time it rained while we were at the beach, we found a cozy coffee shop that had board games and couches. I think we spent 3 full hours in there!

  5. What a bummer!! I hope you are still having fun together!!

    Fortunately the next few days are supposed to be amazing!! I hope you get to enjoy the beach tomorrow and Friday at least!!

  6. This is a song we used to sing as kids in Malaysia when it rained but I’m not sure if you guys do over here:

    Rain rain go away
    Come again another day
    Little children want to play

    Here’s to hoping someone’s listening.

  7. Nooooooo! Dear God, this reminds me of a very long vacation where it rained every day in Mexico. ((you))

  8. Dear God, open up the heavens, make the skies clear blue, the days sunny and not too hot, and let children who are utterly exhausted from their vacation hijinx sleep all night so that their parents can sleep as well!

  9. Oh, dear, that rain NEEDS to stop. By the power of blogging, it must happen!

    Happy vacation. (((hugs)))

  10. rain, rain go away!

    (i’d happily take any cooling wetness of your hands if i could … s’hot in Vegas.)

    i do totally agree. rain at home is one thing. rain when you have bright, sunny vacation plans … is another thing altogether.

  11. i’m totally dancing for all of you! *sigh* i’ll refrain from anything remotely close to “when it rains it…” hang in there, mama! that photo is priceless in and of itself!

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