Who needs the Best?

Being the best honestly is overrated.

I think I’ll settle for Fine.

Best leaves nothing to strive for.

The best leaves nothing to desire.

I’ll never believe I’m the best.

Because in my heart I’ll know

There’s better somewhere for someone.

So Fine is where I’ll stay.

Because I’m comfortable, at ease here.

In this content, just fine place.

It’s the Best Place for me.

Head over to Making Things Up to find links to all the Six Word Friday participants or to join in yourself!  The prompt this week was The Best.

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14 responses to “Who needs the Best?

  1. I’ll never feel like I’m the best at anything, either. My competitive nature struggles with that, though.

  2. Fine is perfect for me too. Who needs to be the best anyway? What is there left to strive for then?

  3. melgallant

    so true. you rarely feel you’ve made it to the imaginary place – “the land of best” – so all that effort can be exhausting, making you feel like you’ve failed. life is a balance of being the best you can be while also accepting that the best is what works for you.

  4. You are better than fine. And best? It’s boring.

  5. I’ve think that “best” is a relative term. What’s best for me is not always best for others. In the interest of cutting myself some slack, I’ve decided that the important thing is trying MY best, rather than trying to be THE best. Who can really say what best is?

  6. Seriously, mediocre’s something to strive for.

  7. That is awesome. You are so right, best leaves nothing to strive for. If you aren’t always trying to better yourself you become stagnant. Wise words. ;o)

  8. You don’t have to be the best to be lovely and kind and wonderful and true to yourself and the people around you. You, my friend, are all of that and more.

  9. Contentment: the best kind of best.

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  11. There is too much pressure to be the best. Once you are there, then what? I am fine with fine too!

  12. For me, these days, fine is the best I can hope for. And I’m learning to be okay with that.

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