That Much I Know

Giving and getting little kisses

Smelling shampooed heads, caressing soft skin

Hearing first words, seeing first feats

Bringing smiles to sad, frustrated faces

Making yummy meals eaten by all

Witnessing the pride in small eyes

After achieving something never thought attainable

Hearing “I love you’s” all day.

Picking someone up after falling down

I’m always tired But never Tire

Of being part of their lives

Of knowing I am so lucky

My life is full of meaning

My life has newly found purpose

That much I know. For sure.

Join me for Six Word Fridays at Making Things Up.  This week the topic is That Much I Know. And sadly, I had a very hard time with it… because I suppose there isn’t That much I know!



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16 responses to “That Much I Know

  1. Such lovely reminders of the beauty of motherhood!

    So glad you are participating this week 🙂

  2. The always tired but never tire… part, is exactly how I feel but have been struggling to put into words. Beautifully put.

  3. That is so sweet. I love me some freshly bathed babies!

    Man, I wish I wrote like any of you ladies (that I just met). I’ve been reading your posts thinking I must sound so boring.

  4. Your newly found purpose sounds blissful!
    Always tired but never tiring: YES.

    So glad you joined us today! 🙂

  5. Your words just lifted me. Thank you. Tired is starting to seem an understandment, but the purpose, the joys – they are worth it. Now, back into the fray.

  6. Always tired but never tire, truer words were never spoken. We are truly blessed to be able to witness the firsts, to be able to pick someone up who has fallen. And I am sure that those children have taught you much more than you could have imagined!

  7. Love this sketch of why we’ve all chosen chronic fatigue for the next 18 years. For sure.

  8. Such a beautiful reminder for all of us! So cleverly written, too!

  9. This is so beautiful. You are one happy momma!

  10. Nothing like the joy of motherhood
    These sweet beings we are raising
    They need us. We need them.
    It’s unconditional love like no other.
    Such beautiful words. I loved it!

  11. That is gorgeous. What wonderful reminders of what we as nothers know…especially after the day I had today! How did I know of this 6 word friday stuff? Loving them! xoxo

  12. Lovely words honoring motherhood.

  13. Becca – there is so much love in your words here. And gratitude. And contentment. Exhaustion? Yes, even that. But that’s part and parcel no?

    Motherhood is bittersweet like that. Tiring and rewarding. Frustrating and satisfying. The dichotomies are plentiful. But so is the joy.

  14. Still at that precious, delicious age. And the contradictions – exhausting and joyful – never go away. (Some days though, tiring wins out!)

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