The Beach.
Salt Air.
Crashing Waves.
Her floating on her back.
Toes in the air.
Giggling at the chilly water.

Learning to float.
My little self.
In her arms.

Busy Digging.
Hearing her voice.
Her laugh.

Late night TV.
Sharing her bed way past bedtime.

Green rugs.
No sand allowed.

Outdoor Showers.
Wet Hair Barbeque’s on the deck.

That roller coaster always in view.
Taunting me.
Feeling brave.
Screams of joy.
Buzzing from cotton candy.
Pocketfulls of winning tickets from Ski Ball.

Small boxes of sugar cereal.
Eating two at once.

Her Cigarettes.
My pretending with Pretzels.

Running for the ice cream truck.
Dripping Popsicle down my wrist.
Sticky in the sand.

Searching for Sea Glass.
Plastic baggies full of Sea Glass.
Showing her my sea glass.

So many Cousins.

Back flips with the cousins.
Never getting quite as high.
Or quite as perfect
As the cousins.

The gift of a week with her.
Surrounding myself with scents of my mom.
Trying to be happy.
But still sad.

My small room in her house.
Breeze through the window.

Musty Basement.
Best for Hide and Seek

Tall Bar Stools.
Always spinning.

Picture Frame covered piano.
Out of tune piano.

Birthday Checks.
Always $20.
Never late.
Why did I always forget to thank her?

Full of spunk.
Full of life.
11 Grandkids
18 Great Grand Kids


A full life lived.
Gone a little too soon.

I love you Gammy.
Even though I didn’t call enough.
Or visit enough.
Or say goodbye.
I love you. And all you gave to me.
Because even though you used very few words.
To tell me.
I know you loved me too.



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25 responses to “Gammy

  1. So sorry Becca…
    Thinking of you.

  2. So very sorry. I love the way you expressed your memories of your grandmother. Lovely.

  3. Nicki

    Becca! Big hugs and lots of thoughts and prayers for you and all your family.

  4. So beautiful Becca. Love how you immortalized Gammy. I’m so sorry for your loss. xoxo

  5. Such a beautiful tribute to her memory.

  6. Gammies are the best. I’m so sorry you’ve lost yours, and I hope you find some comfort in these wonderful memories you’ve preserved.

  7. She sounds like a glorious gift. Beautiful. And I am so sorry. I always feel my Granny when I search for swished glass (her word for sea glass).

  8. What beautiful words and special memories and a wonderful tribute to your Gammy.

    I already know I will have regrets when my grandmother passes. I guess that means I should do something about it, right? I don’t call. I should really call. Thanks for sharing your own thoughts and feelings… It makes me want to do something more, before it’s too late.

    I’m really sorry for your loss, Becca.

  9. Oh no, Becca. I’m so sorry. What a lovely tribute to her. ((you))

  10. So sorry for your loss. This is such a sweet tribute.

  11. Micki

    I am so sorry for your loss. I read your posts regularly but have not posted a message yet. This really moved me and I connected with so much of the post, especially the out of tune piano covered in picture frames 🙂

    I think I am going to call my Grandma right now.

    Thank you for sharing and again, I am very sorry for your loss. I hope you are able to take comfort in your wonderful memories.

  12. I’m sorry for your loss, Becca. No matter when they leave us, late or early in life, the time spent with them is never enough is it? We’ll always wish for more, and we’ll always miss them.

    My thoughts are with your family.

  13. Liz

    Lovely tribute Becca. Did this just happen?

  14. So sorry Becca. It sounds like you have very special memories of her.

  15. Pop

    Sorry for the loss. What a beautiful tribute.

  16. What a lovely post – I am so sorry for your loss! My thoughts and prayers are with your family.

  17. So sorry Becca, for your loss. Your eloquent tribute to Gammy is lovely, as I am sure she was from your description.

    Thinking of you and sending you hugs!

  18. sweet thoughts for you
    calm, peaceful thoughts for your gammy

    let’s float on our backs in the ocean like gammy
    just be sure you focus on MY painted toes and not my gigantic ass, okay???

  19. niki guida

    love it!! made me cry.

  20. Hi, new visitor and very humbled. What a beautiful post.

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  22. What beautiful memories…so sorry for your loss 😦

  23. I am so sorry for your loss. Lovely tribute.

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