4 minutes 17 seconds

I lay quietly on my bed.  On my back horizontally with my legs dangling off the side.  My arms lay straight over my head, my eyes were closed.  Another day finished. Two kids asleep.  Bathed. Fed. Taken care of.  No injuries.  No major catastrophes.  Just a few dirty looks.  Five year old attitude. Two year old tears. But no worse the wear. I lay in silence.  Needing some Time. Time for me.

I heard his footsteps approach behind me.  He brushed my hair off my forehead, around my ears from above me.  I jumped a little as he proceeded to push his iPod ear buds into my ears.

“Just listen”, he said as I looked up above me, questioning his motives.

The music started beating in my ears. I smiled as I recognized the song from the concert we had enjoyed the night before.  Outside in the summer air. Moving together to the familiar, as well as the new music that would become some of our favorites.

It filled not only my ears, but my head and mind. My overflowing, often overwhelmed, usually overthinking mind. The music pushed all That aside. Made me forget the lists, the plans, the routines, even for just a few moments.

I swayed my head back and forth to the rhythm. Tapped my hands beside me. Let my feet wave from side to side. I mouthed the words. Maybe sang them aloud too. Lost. Immersed in song. No interruptions. No one expecting anything from me. And if they did, I couldn’t hear them.

There are so few things that can bring me to That place. The one where I’m allowed to not Think. Not Able to think. About anything that needs thought. Music in my ears can block out everything surrounding me. As well as everything inside of me. Especially when the words hold meaning that make me want to scream them at the top of my lungs.

Four minutes and seventeen seconds of Joy. Even though the music was loud, in comparison to the norm inside my head it felt quiet. Peaceful. Perfect.

It’s one of my favorite things Tim does. Plays DJ for me as I lay on the couch, on the beach, in bed. He puts those buds in my ears and plays to my mood. Songs I crave. Songs I have never heard but when they end I want to repeat. Repeat. Repeat. He watches for one song to end. So he can push play on his next planned song.

I usually have my eyes closed. So I’m not sure if he’s watching my reaction to each song as it starts. But if he is, he’ll see my smile as I recall the first time I heard the tune. Or the emotion spread across my face as I fall in love with the new lyrics I’m hearing for the very first time.  And he’ll hear me humming those songs for the rest of the day, even if I don’t realize that I am.

Simple. Pure. Joy.

Joy to me is just that. It’s simple. Easily attained. Can be found almost anywhere. Like a song. Doesn’t require much explanation. Can be fleeting or last a lifetime. You don’t have to fear admitting joy. Like you may when you admit love or adoration or passion. Joy comes in small packages from honest, sweet places and it can spread. Because everyone craves a bit of joy. And will grab onto it when they can.

Even if it only lasts four minutes and seventeen seconds.

Give me the beat boy  to free my soul

I want to get lost in your rock and roll

And Drift Away…

This post is part of SOYJOY‘s What brings you joy contest. Learn more here. Thank you Soyjoy and Scary Mommy for pushing me to notice this Joy in particlar in my day.

*The song that inspired this post was Drift Away by Uncle Kracker with Dobie Gray.



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24 responses to “4 minutes 17 seconds

  1. Music is so elemental to me. It brings emotions into focus, distills moments, takes me out of my own circling thoughts. Beautiful post.

  2. Wow.

    You deserve $1000 and I hope you get it.

    GREAT post.

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  4. Love that song and always, always will …

  5. Great song! “Sittin’ on the dock of a bay” …..that’s my dishwashing song! One of the most peaceful times of the day sometimes!

  6. I love to get lost in my iPod, especially if it’s while I’m running. My husband and I have pretty different tastes in music, though, so I always feel a little extra guilty pleasure listening to my music. =>

    Good luck in the contest. This is beautifully written and such a unique take on the theme.

  7. I feel the same way about music when I’m working out. I always want to quit, but the right song fills my head with so much joy and goodness that I can’t even think about the pain and resignation I’m feeling. Absolutely lovely piece of writing, Becca.

    PS-if you find an antidote to the five year old attitude, please let me know.

  8. ck

    I love going to That Place. Where no thinking is allowed. Or needed. Or acknowledged.

    Such a great post, Becca.

  9. Nicki

    That Place! A favorite of mine and always gotten to differently.

    Great post!!

  10. Oh Becca 🙂 This was so good…

  11. I loved this post, Becca. So descriptive and so beautiful. I love music and the feelings it brings. It’s so sweet that your husband is into music and plays special songs for you. I would love that.

  12. What a great moment between you two.

  13. Really nice post…music is so important. But music selected by your sweet son? Even more beautiful.

  14. Pop

    What an awesome post! Reading it made me…drift away. Good luck!

  15. What a lovely visual…a very nice read!

  16. Jen

    Wow, I LOVED this post. This is truly was joy is all about, it is the little things.

  17. Becca, this is lovely – and I so get it. The music. That place. The joy in the little things. Everything you said here resonate with me.

    Few years ago, I was listening to a song one day and finally, finally heard the lyrics and it spoke volumes to me. From that song, I had an epiphany – I knew I had to change my life. And so I did. I left my husband and started on a different path towards a brand new destination. This one. The infinitely better one. And I haven’t regretted a moment of it. And it’s all because of this one song.

    Music is so powerful. Inspiring. Healing. Restorative. Joyful.

    Have a blast at BlogHer sweetie, and good luck in this contest.

  18. Music makes everything better.

  19. I know the feeling of the Joy that music can bring, in my house we have what we call “Morning Music Time” where my fiancée plays tunes for us…he cooks breakfast while we hum, dance and sing!!

  20. Liz

    It’s funny I should come to read this on your site today, after I wrote my own post. Some similarities…the sheer joy in a song, in the memory it evokes. =) It’s usually pretty darn loud in my head, too.

  21. What a nice husband you must have to know that’s what you need. Great post! I can def. relate!

  22. 🙂
    This made me smile. I love how you wrote about joy! It is simple! Simple and so wonderful!

  23. I loved this post when I first read it and I love it now. 🙂

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