Chocolate Face

Normally, walking from the kitchen into the family room to find sticky fingers, smeared face and used popsicle stick on the couch would annoy me.   Send me running for a wet towel. Make me mumble to myself that I should have known better than to let them eat dessert away from the kitchen table.

But then there was last night.

At the end of another day of 100 degree weather. When anyone should get to enjoy a delicious “FudgeTickle” (as Hannah says).

I ran for my !!! card.  And my camera.

It was unintentional happiness on Luke’s part. But intentional on mine.

Because how could I NOT smile at that face?  The one with the smile that only comes out for the camera when we say, “Don’t Smile!”

So I smiled. And giggled. And loved the moment.

Intentional Happiness

Are you new to Intentional Happiness? Well where have you been?
Go here…to the Momalom !!! Page or  Bad Mommy Moments to find out how to join the fun.  How to find !!! moments in your life and read about others.



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13 responses to “Chocolate Face

  1. Fudge Tickles always bring a smile. Adorable.

  2. So cute! Sometimes, you just have to laugh and take a pic!

  3. What a grin 😀 Good job for capturing this !!! moment on camera.

    My daughter, the weirdo, does not like ice cream. I hope it’s a phase because I don’t think I want to eat all of it by myself – or do I…?

    And I love that Hannah calls it Fudge Tickle. May we borrow that?

  4. Pop

    That’s awesome! I have a similar picture of my daughter after a cupcake. My childless friends stared in horror as I propped her up on my couch, frosting EVERYWHERE and snapping a picture. A couch can be cleaned later, a moment like that is so worth it.

  5. Perfect. I’m planning to make popsicles this weekend. It will be IEP’s first experience with them. Hopefully he has as much fun as Luke! (We have those same shorts!)

  6. What a yummy face!!! Love the !!!

    We will probably be getting ice cream to celebrate straight A throughout the school year report cards this weekend.

    I bet we will have similar pictures too!

  7. I love the face!!! 🙂

  8. Precisely why I love my leather furniture. The other night I let my youngest wander around with a popsicle, dripping all over the place. It was too hot to eat on the porch, which is normally my rule. I figured what the heck.

    P.S. He is scrumptious cuteness!

  9. I love the look on his face. That is pure toddler happiness.

  10. Happiness really is a choice. It’s sometimes really hard to make the choice to be but I’m never sorry when I do.

    Love the picture. He’s getting very, very big.

  11. Love the “fudge tickle” face — so appropriate for summer!

  12. Oh, how I want a Fudge Tickle now! I wish I could be as happy with one bar as he is. =>

  13. How in the heckity heck did I miss THIS? Goodness, I really am behind. And that picture is priceless, but even more so with the !!! in it because it helps me know exactly what you were thinking when you snapped it!


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