“Am I the Only One?” Tuesday – 2yo edition

It’s hot. My brain is mushy. My energy is low. Immodium has been my best friend for 3 days now. I am fondly remembering the days of blogging every day and now can only hope to find something to inspire me to write a few times a week. I’m feeling a little empty. Void of words.

But then I remembered! It’s Tuesday! And last Tuesday I started “Am I the Only One?” Tuesday! And a trend isn’t a trend with just one occurrance, right? So without further ado:

Am I the Only Onewith a two year old who:

Holds onto my left nipple while I carry him?  I keep trying to remind him that it’s not a handle, but he doesn’t seem to care.  It makes me feel a bit better that he does the same to Tim when he carries him but still… if I ever hope for those things to go back to the pre-breast feeding days, he needs to stop.  Now.

Prefers wearing everyone else’s shoes over his own?  He recently found Hannahs crocs from when she was his age.  Pink. Sandle style.  He puts them on daily in hopes that I’ll allow him to wear them.  And I do. When Tim isn’t around.

Who claps and cheers and yells “YES YES” whenever he overhears me mention that I need to go to Target?

Who runs to the car in the driveway yelling “Buy Buy Buy!” as he pounds on the door? And yes, I’m sure he’s yelling “Buy” and not “Bye” because when at first I’d say, “Oh you want to go bye bye Luke?” he’d respond, “NO! BUY!” And I’d say, “You want to go out and Buy something?” and he’d smile and say, “YES!” (or “Yesh” if I’m being completely honest).

Who says “Oy Oy Oy” when I’m not able to get something to work as quickly as he’d like?  My nice Jewish son.

Who on the rare occasion that I bring him into my bed in the middle of the night or early morning, begs to watch Nascar or Monster Trucks over Nick Jr or any kids movie?  I won’t worry until he requests wearing white tight tank tops.  Sorry, am I stereotyping?

Who yells “Doctor!” when I’m leaving him at school and he desperately wants to leave with me?  Mind you, this boy HATES the doctor but he seems to think if he yells that word, I’ll think he’s sick and will bring him with me.

Who when he finds a medicine dropper, brings it to me and says, “yum, yum, yum!”

Who will go up to someone, lift their shirt, put his finger in their belly button and say, “BEEP!”

Who puts his helmet on first thing in the morning in hopes that we’ll do something that requires it.  And if we don’t, he still likes to keep it on.  While watching TV. While eating breakfast. While playing with his trucks.

Who will start moving too fast on his bike or scooter, try to stop, fall off taking a bit of a tumble and then stand up and shout, “MORE?!”

Who doesn’t suck on popsicles or lollipops but instead bites them and finishes them in about 6 bites?  Making his big sister totally frustrated that he’s done before her and worries he’ll get another. (And sometimes does… ahem.)

Who doesn’t care in the least when my dog is baring her teeth at him and threateningly growling at him while he chases her around playfully, but won’t go within ten feet of a tiny spider or fly floating dead in his water table?

Who flings his leg over the side of his crib so he’s “riding the rail” and yelling, “NEIGH!” like he’s on a horse?

Who grabs onto a complete strangers hand in the store and tells them, “Did you know I have the most amazing mommy in the entire world?  I mean really, THE MOST AMAZING?”

Yeah, I don’t have a son who does that last one either.  But I KNOW he’s thinking it!

But the rest… Am I the only one?

Hopefully tomorrow, my head will be back in the game and I’ll come up with something more interesting to write about.  For now, hope you enjoyed getting to know my crazy man of few words a bit better.



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16 responses to ““Am I the Only One?” Tuesday – 2yo edition

  1. I find most of these things to be endearing. 😉 My 18 mo daughter does like to tweak my nipples, which I do not enjoy! LOL I feel she should have more respect, considering they nurtured her all those months…

  2. Oh, and as for going back to pre-breastfeeding days? They never have recovered. They’re ruined for life, I’m afraid. 😦

  3. Nicki

    I hate to agree with Elizabeth but they are ruined for life. 😉

    I love what he does, though. All. of. it.

  4. My son loves his helmet too. He would wear it all day I’d I let him. I love these lists!

  5. He is too funny!!! What a cutie.
    I think I have the only almost two year old who says “huh?” when you ask her anything and everything. Cracks me up!

  6. Something more interesting? Are you kidding me? This is fantastic. I loved every word, and I’m jealous that you have so fun details to write about. I think I need to stop and think more about my own kids’ quirks. These kind of memories are too important to lose.

  7. The dog thing is totally my daughter, too. She’ll actually antagonize our dog, putting her hand in his mouth and trying to get him to growl even harder. Our dog is NOT a kid-lover at all, and he can sound pretty frightening, though he’d never hurt her. Still, if I were a kid I’d stay away. She loves him, but she’s completely frightened of all other dogs, even if they are way gentler than ours. I guess family is family!

  8. So cute, Becca. Ethan does a little nipple rub when I carry him around. Hmm, I think Max might also. I have to say that I’m totally surprised by the fact that it totally tweaks me out. I thought my boobs would be insensitive workhorses forever, an that I’d lose all ability to even FEEL again. Alas, tis’ not true, and I promptly push the little boys’ hands A-WAY!

    I don’t think you could POSSIBLY be the ONLY one with any of this stuff. And doesn’t that just make you feel awesome!? I know it makes me feel good to see another mom yelling at her kids at the park and ignoring their horrible behavior at the grocery store. 🙂

  9. What is it with boys and their mother’s chests? Do they pull them aside in Nursery school and tell them to hold on to “the girls” while being carried?

    No, Becca, you are not the only one with that particular problem. And as for the shoes, Joshua likes to try on my pumps. Did I mention he is three? Oy, Oy, Oy!

  10. I’m giggling at the mental image of him racing around in a helmet all morning, ready for action!

  11. Liz

    Okay, that last one scared me, because the most Aidan will string together is 3 words…maybe “helmet, bike, now.”

  12. Left nipple? Not right? I like that he has a preference. It’s amazing how they get attached to certain objects (or body parts) in particular ways.

    He is TOO cute!

  13. IEP is also a fan of the medicine dropper. When he sees one he looks at me and signs “more.” We just finished a round of amoxicillin. It wasn’t as good as Motrin or cough syrup (blech!) but he was still pretty much a fan!

  14. My 3 year old is a shoe freak, loves wearing her bike helmet around for fun, and begs for medicine. The rest of these made me laugh — especially the BEEP!ing. 🙂

  15. We do love anything cherry-flavored that requires a dropper to consume over here. Oy! =>

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