!!! – captured moments

So often it’s hard to capture the moments.  To remember to note the moments that make me smile.  So many days come to an end and I’m exhausted, dragging myself to bed and it’s the stressful parts, the overwhelming parts that are in my head as I drift off to sleep.  But it’s the happy, heartwarming, uplifting moments that keep me going.  Make me get out of bed each morning to do it again.  As Momalom and Bad Mommy Moments have pegged them… the !!! moments in our days.

Finally I’ve captured some.  To remember.  And to share.

Early morning hugs. She grabbed him.  He let her.  I handed her my !!! (Thanks Sarah!) and it will now be remembered.  And when she’s shoving him away from her project or he’s yanking out a handful of her hair, I will know, these happy moments DO exist.

Hannah received this medal (along with everyone else in her gymnastics program at school) but she placed it around my neck that night for being The Best Mommy.  I refuse to remove it.  Because dammit, I deserve it.

I didn’t have a chance to grab my !!! but this moment should be noted.  Luke is afraid of going anywhere near our pool.  But he was hot. And his water table would just have to do.  One way or another, he was getting in there.

His and her drinks on date night.  Enough said.

A full moon.  A husband willing to take a picture as I held my !!! card in front of the beautiful glowing circle in the sky. A perfect summer night.



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14 responses to “!!! – captured moments

  1. His and her drinks on date night !!! I so need one of those (but where to find a cheap babysitter?).

    Also, you are so skinny. Can you pass along your body? I’ll return it in a little while.

    (P.S. A switch to WP for me–check it out!)

  2. Your kids are too cute! And who wouldn’t love the best mommy in the world award??

  3. His and her drinks and a full moon? Delicious. The mommy stuff too, of course, but I find myself leaaaaaaaaannnnning toward the neeeeeeeeeeeeeeed for the his and the her more and more. Probably because there is, like, NONE of that around here lately. And by lately I mean, like, well, since the FIRST OF THE YEAR, AT LEAST! Blech.

    Imma gonna live vicariously through you. And maybe, hopefully, at least-y, we can have her and her drinks again sometime soon!

  4. ck

    I hope you’re still wearing that medal. It looks PERFECT on you.

    (I think I might just make some His and Her drinks tonight. We might not have nearly the same view, but what a great !!! idea.)

  5. Those !!! moments are awesome! We had a (long overdue) date night last night and it was great.

    I absolutely love it when I see my two kids actually hug or do something nice for each other. I need to capture that in a photo, too.

  6. Nicki

    Wear your award proudly! You deserve it. Wonderful !!! moments.

  7. Those are some wonderful !!! moments. I love the mommy award. Wear it with pride!

  8. I’m loving the best mommy medal, the his and her drinks, the full moon!

    Love the !!!

  9. I am so glad you are participating. That makes me !!! And his and her drinks, gosh how I need some time with my husband. Hoping to get some this week.

    Hugs to you always my friend!

  10. I just love that Hannah gave you her medal. She’s a keeper, that one. I also love that you wore it so proudly!

  11. !!! moments are the best. It always puts a smile on my face when I see them. I really should participate one of these days. I just will never remember those !!! cards; I just know it.

    I am coveting that dress – you must look adorable in it. And yes, you so deserve that medal.

  12. Love the medal! And especially, the perfect summer night. (It really is the small things that we treasure, and those too easily overlooked.)

  13. Here’s to sibling hugs, however fleeting, and a cold beer (or three)! =>

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