Heavy Metal does not live Here

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Layers of soft cotton. Ruffles. Gentle hues of pinks, lavendars and creams. Pillows upon pillows. Paintings of orchids blooming. Hours laying on my back staring at the clouds. Dreamy. Soft edges. Quiet bubble baths. Waltz. Classical music. Sarah Maclachlan.  Ten Thousand Maniacs. Rolling Hills. Quiet conversation.  Sipping Champagne. The oboe. The chime of a grandfather clock. The minimal splash of a swan dive.  Sea Glass.  Sequined flats.

This. Is. Me.

Sharp edges. Cold surfaces. Modern lines. Contemporary architecture. Tango. Ozzy Osbourne.  Sharp Peaks. Bold primary colors.  Raucous parties. Shots of Tequila. The trumpet.  A cookoo clock.  The soaking wet of a cannon ball jump. Coral Reefs. Spikey stilettos. Shades of grey. Indestructible, non- malleable materials.

This. Is. Not. Me.

What, you may be thinking does this have anything to do with our Day 4 prompt of Heavy Metal from Creativity Boot Camp?  Well, not much really. I searched my brain all day for something I was passionate about having to do with Heavy Metal. And I found everything that came to mind disappointing. I do not find beauty in things so cold and harsh as metal.  Listening to Heavy Metal makes my toes curl under. The sound of metal pots and pans clanging together makes my jaw clench.  Any object that comes to mind when I think of metal is intimidating, overbearing and often dangerous. It is a material you cannot alter in such a way to disguise it’s true gray color or icy feel.  Metal is intrusive. Loud.  Disturbing. Harsh. Confrontational. Metal furniture to me is uninviting and uncomfortable. Metal art belongs in a museum not in a warm home.

So I will take a pass on this assignment as my words are unable to bring heavy metal to life in an interesting way. My life is void of Heavy Metal.   Unless I can write about “Heavy Meddling”.  In which case I have plenty of that going on in my life and could most definitely write 10 or 12 posts on the topic.

The good news, is that when you do one day meet me, you’ll know me a bit better from this post and you’ll know there’s no need to invite me to a Marilyn Manson concert or buy me a Picasso work of art.



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15 responses to “Heavy Metal does not live Here

  1. I relate much more to clouds and softness and quiet, too. I do find Ozzy Osbourne hilarious these days, but even he’s not very “heavy metal” anymore.

  2. I thought about the music aspect of the word, and just couldn’t go there either!

  3. J.

    You said this was lame! This is NOT lame!
    For somebody who didn’t have anything to say about Heavy Metal, you sure did a great job of it!
    “Metal is intrusive. Loud. Disturbing. Harsh. Confrontational.”


  4. You did not take pass – you did bring heavy metal to life… you just didn’t have anything good to say about it! 😉

    I love, love, LOVE the first paragraph… the you. I have sequined flats, too! Hubs always says “Are you really going to wear those?” “Yes! Yes, I am!” 🙂 He thinks they are silly, but he likes power tools, so what does he know? 😉

  5. Haha!!! Love it. Heavy meddling.

  6. I don’t think this is lame….you spoke from your heart on the prompt and your writing would have been enough, no explanation needed 🙂 I liked it.

  7. I like this post a lot but for a different reason. I was impressed that you are so easily able to describe yourself, your likes. You can clearly and confidently say this is me and this is not me. I on the other hand am completely unable to define myself in terms or likes, dislikes, or pretty much any other criteria! I was reading the first part like, ‘yes, that is me, too’. Then I read the second part and was like, ‘wait, this is is also me’. ALL of it felt like me. Interesting… and no surprise I have trouble shopping for clothes and home decor!

    By the way, bravo to you for taking on creativity boot camp. I feel I am both too stretched for time and creatively challenged (but mostly the latter).

  8. Loved this piece! But I’m actually quite fond of metal in many incarnations. Perhaps not musically, but in terms of design – including furniture – and certainly sculpture, when it’s clean and minimalist.

    No ruffles ’round this place. (And weren’t, even before I gave birth to testosterone units.)

  9. Ha! I went through a huge hair-band phase in college–the pictures of me then are absolutely hilarious. Shameful stuff.

  10. Dang! And I had just picked up a Picasso to give to you at BlogHer. I’ll see if Sotheby’s has a good exchange policy…maybe I can get you a Monet instead. 🙂

  11. But you did it! You really did. And I smiled so broadly when I saw one of my favourite Canadians on your list.

  12. Oh, the oboe. I’m a sucker for the oboe, no doubt because my husband plays it. And it’s got metal keys, so that totally counts. =>

  13. i like your pass and tastes in music!

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  15. You did a great job, Becca. Pass not needed!

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