My dances with Ivory

boot camp
Deep Breath.

I’ve decided to take on a new challenge.  One that I never in my life imagined I’d have any interest. Because although I like a good challenge as far as sports or career opportunities, challenges in my “down time” normally frighten me away.  But see, I have this new passion.  This new passion called writing. And it compels me.  And inspires me. And drives me.

So I’m up for a challenge.

Meagan from Life Set To Words has put together a Creativity Boot Camp to run for the next two weeks.  I’ll be challenged (along with a group of most probably much more talented writers, photographers, poets, etc) to find my most creative self inspired by daily prompts.  We are all to chose a medium that we stick with for the two weeks.  (Does it say something that I had to look up what different “mediums” are? )  I’ve chosen Words as my medium since that’s where my excitement lies.

So wish me luck on this little journey.  If nothing else, I hope to have fun.

Our first prompt to kick us off on our bootcamp adventure is : IVORY

Thirty three years ago I found my first passion.

When my friends were soundly sleeping or slowly arising

With their cartoons and cereal.

I sat early in the morning

Hot chocolate perched beside me.

Pendulum swaying and clicking.

As I learned the beauty of the keys.

The piano keys.

Black and white to the common eye

Were full of color, whimsy and beauty to mine.

The aroma of raisin toast and coffee wafted from the kitchen.

The sounds of my mom quietly making lunches

As I played scales up the octaves.

Repeating verses over and over until precision rang true.

My short legs barely reached the pedals.

I had to move across the bench to reach notes

Out of reach for my small arms.

But my fingers spread naturally

To hit the right keys.

To dance along the surface

I had begun to love.

I was too young to understand Dedication.

It was too early to feel Devotion.

I played for others.

For my teacher.

For my parents.

For my neighbors who often praised my early morning serenades.

For my far in the future resume.

But not for me.

I was told I had talent

Through the many years of lessons and performances.

And although I had pride and love for the beauty of the music

I never thought it was For Me.

I now caress the Ivory of the keys when I visit the home

Where my beloved piano still sits.

And regret the time that has passed since my fingers

Skipped along those now simply black and white keys.

I can play the tunes of long ago without thought.

But cannot learn anything new as the notes now are unfamiliar

On paper.

But in my heart Mozart, Bach and Beethoven still sing.

And the thought of Ivory will always bring these years to mind

For Me.

And one day, I dream of one of my children

Sitting on that same bench where my legs swung

Skipping their fingers along the Ivory

Creating fantasy through their music

For them. And Me.



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19 responses to “My dances with Ivory

  1. Great first entry Becca! I was thinking about joining the bootcamp too until I saw the assignment today and realized I just couldn’t take on another thing. At least not one that expected a daily commitment on top of tasks on which I’m already falling behind.

    So I shall live vicariously through you. 🙂

    When I saw ivory, I couldn’t even begin to imagine what I would write about. This is a wonderful take on it. Makes me wish my parents made me learn an instrument.

  2. I remember the first time I really played the piano, without notes or mistakes or anything. Music flowing from my mind to my fingers through the piano to the world….

    To this day, “Three Blind Mice” makes me tear up.


  3. This was so beautiful Becca! I always wished and longed to play the piano… but between my inability to read music and remember which keys were which… it was not meant to be.
    Thank you for taking us there. Well done! Yay for Boot Camp!

  4. Beautifully written Becca…I am musically challenged, even though my grandmother tickled the piano keys like nobody’s business…My children seem to be musically inclined…I guess it skips a generation in my family and it is clearly a “daddy” trait…Good for you to be challenging yourself…

  5. I love this! I always wanted to learn how to play, and you convey it beautifully! I love the imagery of a person so small that they can’t hit the range of keys. Wonderful!

  6. Learning to play the piano is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, and something I’d love my children to be interested in. You’ve described it beautifully.

  7. I loved reading about your passion for the piano. What a wonderful take on the theme!

  8. This is lovely. I played the piano when I was younger but I never had that passion. I thought when I retired I’d take it up again, but it hasn’t happened yet.

  9. Chills, my friend, I have chills. Can’t wait to read more as you participate in this new fun exercise!

  10. ck

    That was beautiful, Becca.

  11. Beautiful representation of the theme! Wonderful job!

  12. Becca! Beautiful! Good for you for rising to the bootcamp challenge and your passion in the past also.

  13. Good for you for joining in the challenge! There are too many butt-kicking things happening right now for me to do it any justice, but I’ll be anxiously following along with you, eager to see what you come up with!

  14. Great job and beautiful story!

  15. This brought back so many memories for me. My own affection for the piano was not as fervent as yours, but I did enjoy it. And I miss. Actually, GAP is the better pianist and we both dream of a time when we’ll have the space for one in our home.

    I’d love to hear you play sometime!

  16. Becca, this was really beautiful. And I’m so glad that you are playing along (no pun intended!) with the Creativity Boot Camp. And don’t you dare say that you will be joining “a group of most probably much more talented writers, photographers, poets, etc.” You are plenty talented, lady! You are a great writer! Own it! xoxo

  17. Good luck on this endeavor!! I applaud you for taking the plunge and look forward to reading more.

  18. this is a beautiful first piece. I can’t wait to see the rest of your entries.

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