Her lust

She walked into the dimly lit room, focused on the prize that lay in front of her.  Trying to make out the one she had been dreaming of through the crowds of people and excitement.  She could feel her heart pitter through her thin white t-shirt as her chest raised and lowered in anticipation of what was to come momentarily. She licked her lips. Pushed her hair behind her ears.  She wanted nothing in her way as her lips touched their destiny.  She walked slowly, purposefully, confidently toward the bar.  Only one stool remained.  She lowered herself to the seat, legs swinging beneath her.  Her selection, the one she had selected amid the variety of choices was finally within her reach.  She closed her eyes.  Giddy. Anticipating.  Would it let her down?  She had only dreamed of how it would feel as her lips touched.  Sweet. Cool, maybe wet to the touch.

As she pulled away, having had her first taste of the heaven she would continue to play with in her mind, she was not disappointed. She wiped the bit of juiciness that dripped from the side of her mouth.  She wanted more.  Begged for more.  She took a deep breath and went back for another taste of what would soon become an obsession.  This time she opened her eyes as her lips touched to fully enjoy the beauty, not just the taste and smell.

It was over.  The experience left her satisfied. Wondering if each time she would feel the same. If the other, different options would leave her feeling the same. The energy she felt only moments after she had swallowed the last of this sweetness was indescribable.  She wanted to keep her new passion to herself.  If she let others know, would it become less special?

She felt lucky.  Blessed.  Had other five year olds been in this spot?  Tasted the creamy goodness that she had?  Cold Stone.  Heaven on a cone.

This post was inspired by Momalom’s Five For Ten event.  The topic today was Lust.  Hop on over to Momalom for the other Lustful posts!



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35 responses to “Her lust

  1. This is awesome. Now I might need ice cream for breakfast.

  2. Cute! They had Cold Stone when you were five? I feel VERY old!

  3. Difficult topic to write about. As always, I enjoyed your post.

    But your memory post stays in my mind. I can’t get it out of my head.

    Probably the best thing I’ve read in a long, long time.

  4. Heavenly, yummy ice cream. Definitely something to lust after.

  5. Love your take on this topic! 🙂

  6. Can you believe that I lived in my current place for three years before realizing that there is a Cold Stone tucked away inside of the Tim Horton’s?! Oh, the joy I felt when I realized it! 🙂

  7. I love this piece, Becca! When I started reading, I thought it might be about an Internet love, then my mind moved to a delicious cocktail, and then I realized the subject was ice cream. So playful and fun, yet totally universal.

    I couldn’t tell if you were flashing back to your young self or your daughter. I love that, really, it could be any of us!

    • Thanks Kelly! i was actually writing about my daughter… I’m not the ice cream lover – but chocolate? yeah, I lust after chocolate!

  8. I have never ever been to one… but it sounds absolutely heavenly!

  9. Cold Stone is heaven on Earth…and I would lust after it if it didn’t make my behing larger 😉

  10. I tried Cold Stone once, and it was too much on my stomach. So rich I couldn’t quite handle it and felt sick afterward. Any time I walked into a store after that, I was reminded about that cake batter ice cream and rejected a second try. I did have Cold Stone cupcakes at a birthday party recently, and WOW. Those were good. So I might need to give it another shot. What’s your favorite flavor?

    I’m glad you figured out something lusty for your post!

    • I’m actually NOT a Cold Stone or ice cream fan really. The post was about my daughter’s lust! Although, apparently, that wasn’t very clear for most people! 🙂 I agree that Cold Stone is soooo rich. One bite, and I’m done!

      I just couldn’t think of anything I was so lusty for. But honestly “lust” is an understatement for the way Hannah feels about ice cream!

  11. Christine

    OMG, I’m laughing. You know that right? I wish I could have found a moment to get here sooner. This is just too funny. You, ice cream. Me, coffee. Thought I often cheat on Starbucks with ice cream. Great job Becca!

    • Actually, I do lust after coffee, just like you! My post was HANNAH’S lust for ice cream! I guess I was a little TOO subtle on that though!

  12. Cold Stone is awesome!

  13. Oh yeah baby! My favorite is fresh cherries and chocolate shavings mixed with sweet cream. Salivating….

  14. I love ice cream and understand heaven in a cone so well. My hips on the other hand….

  15. Ha! You got me on this one! I was thinking…margarita! 🙂

  16. I am loving these lust posts! I’ve read (and wrote) aabout traditional lust…and mochas…and lattes…and beds…and sleep…and books…and now COLD STONE!! Love it!

  17. Oh how I love a double entendre. Well done!

  18. mummyjanie

    Cute post. Print it out and keep it for your daughter.

  19. Lz

    Yum! I love Cold Stone…birthday cake ice cream? Yes, please! Great post, I would have had a tough time with this topic

  20. Perfect post! Wonderfully written. And now I want ice cream…

  21. Oh, some lickable lusty goodness! Sounds about right.

  22. Wonderful! Very cleverly done. I have to agree, Coldstone is wonderful, but once you get past childhood when you can eat anything and everything I think it is more a case of Heaven On A Cone, Hell On The Waistline. But then no matter how old we are, we all have a little of the devil inside us don’t we 🙂

  23. You tricked me…and I think it’s because although it’s 10:30 on a Saturday morning I am already dreaming of cold glass of wine, or a frothy beer to cool my hot summery day. To settle my senses so the screams and shrieks don’t bother me so much. Don’t make me fly off the handle.

    But Coldstone? It would be heaven for the kids. So maybe, just maybe, we hit up that place today and those shrieks will be the ones of joy instead.


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