Silent Moments

Words and conversation can make me happy.

But actions oftentimes say more.

Sometimes it’s just the look. The touch. The smell.

And the words just get in the way.

Walking along and feeling his hand naturally grab mine.

Lying asleep and feeling his good morning yet “unassuming” kiss on my cheek.

Standing tense and feeling his strong fingers knowingly rub my shoulders.

Opening the mailbox to find an unexpected card.

Looking across a bustling, uncomfortable room to see a familiar smile.

Walking into the house to surprisingly see a room neatly organized.

Sleepily climbing down the stairs and smelling freshly brewed coffee.

Feeling alone and reading a friend’s words of support.

Feeling scared and seeing the sincere look in his eyes of ,”it will be ok”.

Being unsure of everything, but knowing the head resting on my shoulder is assured by me.

Feeling the breath of my sleeping child in my neck.

Catching his wink across the crowded dinner table.

Feeling his strong arms guide me not so well across the dance floor.

Awakening to a wet nose and tongue and furry paws pressed against my face.

Accepting a small finger wiping away my tears.

Sharing real laughter when we don’t even know what made us laugh.

Seeing the pride in a 2 year old’s face after saying a word he knows mommy has been waiting to hear.

These small expressions, acts and moments that can come with silence

Bring joy to what is often an overly routine life.

Sometimes I expect too much happiness in my days

When really, all I need are moments.

Moments where I feel a smile creep across my face.

And those moments can be silent

Because the words so often can get in the way.

This is the second part of Momalom’s Five For Ten event.  Our topic for today was Happiness.  Stop on over at Momalom to read the other amazing perspectives on this topic!



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65 responses to “Silent Moments

  1. Very nice. It’s those little moments that make me feel content and safe.

  2. Blissful silence and all that it REALLY says. So wonderful. And the smell of freshly brewed coffee, oh how that sustains me. The wink, it just gives me butterflies. So nice Becca!

  3. Absolutely. We talk and talk and write and write and edit and edit, but the truth is that happiness often infuses our most quiet moments.

    These words made me happy. They did not get in the way 🙂

  4. this post made my heart sigh.
    Great thoughts!
    Glad I found you in this five for ten thingy!

  5. My favorite item? Being unsure about everything and yet being able to comfort/reassure your little ones. Beautiful.

  6. “Walking into the house to surprisingly see a room neatly organized.”

    I love that too!

    It sounds like you’re having a better day already. Cherish your moments and feel the joy in your heart.

    • Yes Erica, the next day after my crying episode was so much better! And I did feel so much joy in my heart. Especially after reading so many amazing happiness posts!

  7. Indeed, Becca. The little moments that make our hearts sigh with contentment. Happiness.


  8. After a long day of noise, it’s definitely easier to make me happy with silence. Wonderful.

  9. I think it’s appropriate to say that this post made me speechless. 🙂

    Yes – it’s all about the moments. The little things. And I loved everything you described here. Gorgeous post.

  10. words totally get in the way. moments and actions say everything important. loved this post and finding you 🙂

  11. Yes, yes. It’s not always big, huge events that make us happy. Happiness often occurs in those quiet, brief moments.

    • Key being quiet. Something about the quiet just makes me so content. And too many words, too much explanation just makes me UNhappy. Thanks Alisha.

  12. Absolutely beautiful sentiments, every single one! But actions oftentimes say more.

    Sometimes it’s just the look. The touch. The smell.

    And the words just get in the way.
    Totally loved that part!

  13. It is the moments that make our world. And I had one of those moments reading your words this morning. Thank you. I love that you are out there.

    What’s up with the 5am posting time? Did you really get up that early. WOW.

    • Thanks Terry. I love knowing you’re out there too. Reading my words and understanding them.

      And no, I set my blog to post at 5:00 am for the early risers. I am NOT one of them! At least not by choice!

  14. This is so great. Especially for bloggers, of course. We are talk talk talkers, or really, write write writers, so it’s a nice reminder that sometimes the best moments are those where we are living our life, rather than reliving it.

    So glad to have found this great blog!

    • Yes, I like that. Living our life, rather than reliving it. Sometimes we just need to keep our mouths closed and our pens down and look around at the things that make us happy.

      And I’m so happy to have found YOUR blog – and you.

  15. Excellent! I am so with you on actions, are where its at.

  16. Oh how I wish the housekeeping fairies would visit my house, too! What a great list!

  17. YES to happy moments like these!

  18. “Sometimes I expect too much happiness in my days when really, all I need are moments.”

    Yes, yes, yes. The words and analysis so often set up a wall between us and the moments that bring what we so desperately crave — sweet, quiet happiness.

  19. Jen

    Excellent post. Every one of those things is so precious.

    I think my favorite is when my little boy holds my hand without being asked.

    Although I was quite happy when hubby cleaned our nasty bathroom vanity the other day too!

  20. Smile. Love the line – sharing real laughter when we don’t know what made us laugh.

    Great post Becca. You are right. Silence is sometimes the best form of happiness.

    • Thank you rudrip. I love getting the giggles with someone and then looking at them a few minutes later and asking, “what were we laughing at anyway?” and then the laughter starts all over again. Easy happiness.

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  22. Sweet, happy post! Thank you!

  23. When our dinner table fell silent, my mom would always say, the angels must be passing over.

  24. cevraini

    Becca, this is such an incredible post! I love this list! There are tears in my eyes as I think of all those similar things (some are the same 🙂 ) that I have.

    Thank you so much!

  25. Lovely. When all the noise is done, that’s when the good stuff is to be found.

    • Yes, Cheryl. All that noise that I’m always trying to quiet down around me. And when it finally is quiet and I get to look around, there is where the happiness lies.

  26. I love this especially:
    “Being unsure of everything, but knowing the head resting on my shoulder is assured by me.”

  27. Ah, little moments…it’s so true. And I’m beginning to realize that my life is really just a string of little moments, tied together by minutes and days and years. So, does that mean I’m happy all the time? No, because bad things get caught in the pattern as well. But those little, good moments–they make the bad ones bearable, and the whole string of life amazing.

    • Thank you jenn. You’re right, there are of course bad moments intertwined with the good ones but we wouldn’t even appreciate the good without the bad so I’ll take them! I’m glad you stopped by!

  28. Liz

    Really beautiful, Becca. Love the idea of this post and how you captured it. It’s funny how the word count is low on this, and yet you’ve said so much (wink)!

    • Thanks Liz… yes, few words can be better huh? I tend to carried away in my posts sometimes and this lets me see I don’t need to! Because I said, words can get in the way!

  29. That is exactly what happiness is to me!!!

  30. Becca,

    Such simplicity in the words, so much conveyed through them.

    And really, in silence, so much truth is discovered, your mind is free of the cluttering noise to really understand what truly matters.

    Beautifully written, excellent post. Just lovely…

  31. ck

    That was such a peaceful read. Thank you for sharing such sweet moments of happiness.

  32. So many of these resonate for me, too. Today, especially, it’s these two: “feeling scared and seeing the sincere look in his eyes of, ‘it will be ok'” and “feeling the breath of my sleeping child in my neck.” Funny how two very different moments can bring happiness in their own way.

  33. It would make sense that happy is found in the moments…as that’s all our life really is, just stringing all the moments together. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again-your writing is absolutely beautiful.

  34. I love this topic, it has become so lyrical; picturesque in snapshots of lives lived. Nice to read you.

  35. Jen

    So lovely. I crave CRAVE silence, Becca. Life is so noisy. But sometimes I get a quick quiet moment of overwhelming happiness. No words. Just a smile, a laugh, a confidence. And everything is right (and loud again) in the world. Thanks for this!

  36. Moments are what make a life. Moments punctuate. It is the silence that tells us something is coming in a suspence film. Silence forshadows the thunder after lightening. You are right: happiness doesn’t have to be loud. I just need to be listening.

    Thanks for the reminder.

    • I like that Rebecca. I like how you say, “happiness doesn’t hae to be loud. I just need to be listening.” I totally agree. Listening and looking around and noticing what is around us, in the quiet. I see so much more when there is quiet.

      Thank you!

  37. “Sharing real laughter when we don’t even know what made us laugh.” I love these moments. They are so unexpected but make you feel fantastic.

  38. As it did for Kitch and Corinne, this line leapt out at me too: “Being unsure of everything, but knowing the head resting on my shoulder is assured by me.” In that one sentence, you have summed up the beauty and mystery of motherhood for me.

    Thank you for sharing this lovely list, Becca!

  39. Eva

    This is beautiful. Yes, this is happiness. Ahhh, you’ve given me a moment of happiness just through reading this.

    Being a dog-lover, I really appreciated this: “Awakening to a wet nose and tongue and furry paws pressed against my face.”

  40. This is my favorite line: “Being unsure of everything, but knowing the head resting on my shoulder is assured by me.”

    There is nothing better than that resting of the head on the shoulder. My mother told me recently: “Next time Little O falls asleep on your shoulder, mark that moment, and go back to it for the rest of your life. Especially when he is driving you crazy.”

    And yet, it takes such courage to go through life knowing that that head is assured by you, no? (Do you like the segue? Ha!)

    This was just lovely. Profound. Simple. And so, so true.

  41. Absolutely gorgeous. I try to consider those “moments” every day too. Because if if you always try to find this huge ball of happiness you can sometimes end up mistakenly disappointed. I really liked this post. It made me smile. It made me happy!

  42. Words might sometimes get in the way, but these words are happy indeed.

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