I Feel Good

Even after a week of cleaning up vomit and having my own share of vomiting, I feel good. I’ve been reading many posts lately and writing my share of posts on finding balance in this world of “Connectedness”. Or maybe I should call it “Over Connectedness”. This blogosphere that I’ve come to know and become addicted to love is pulling me under. Kristen at Motherese was the last post I read on Thursday that spoke so well about this topic and truly hit me in the gut (in an affectionate way of course!). Although I’ve been spending so many hours THINKING about how to spend the right amount of time reading the blogs I adore, writing my own blog, leaving thoughtful comments and responding to comments to feel as if there is a true conversation going on between all of us, while at the same time, caring for and maybe even SPEAKING to any member of my family… I haven’t really DONE anything about striking the right balance. And then there are my real life friends who really it WOULD be nice to chat with every once in a while…

Kristen’s take is that she needed to go on a Digital Diet. I agreed. Wholeheartedly (well, not for HER but for me). I decided I needed to shed 10 or so internet pounds. And I started, full force, this weekend. The outcome? I feel good. Really good. I started my diet Friday which wasn’t so difficult seeing as I had just finished my 24 hours of the plague and was just starting Hannah’s 24 hours of the same, but I can say, I shut down my laptop Thursday night and did not open it again until Just Now. And I left my iPhone normally attached to the palm of my hand in my bedroom for the weekend as well. It’s cute little pink cover teased and tempted me each time I passed by my nightstand and yes, I did succumb to the pressure here and there to send out a few Tweets, but for the most part, my hands and fingers were Free.

I was Free. My eyes and my heart were with my family. Where they should be when the family is together. No, I don’t know how the Bon Jovi concert ended up. I’m not sure if my friend’s daughter is all better after her scare on Friday. Any updates on a certain someone’s son lying? Not sure. But I do know I was here. In the moment. Present. And feeling good.

I wanted to jump into a post tonight that was swimming in my head all weekend but I’m still living in my weekend. The happiness I found in the little things. The first peeks of spring showing in so many simple ways. The buds of flowers starting to pop. The warm breeze through my open sun roof. My dog’s face sticking out the window of the car and the air blowing her hair straight back as her tongue literally lapped up the wind (is there anything more joyful than that?). My shearling clogs traded for converse low tops. My furry hood set aside for my sunglasses and spring baseball hat. The kids paints and easel left inside as we headed out with a crate of chalk and bubbles.

We taught how to give safe piggy back rides.

We learned how to play hide and seek. ($10 to whoever can find Luke!)

We tried to get our trucks to set sail.

We learned to accessorize.

We got baths. And much needed haircuts.

After far too many hours sick and in bed we made it outside. Even if it was in our pajamas and looking EXHAUSTED.

We had impromptu picnics.

We fully enjoyed borrowing things that weren’t ours. No, we still do not have next door neighbors so we will use their MASSIVE backyard until we do.

I sat By Myself for an hour looking at this view and dreaming of what was on the other side of the sea. And also smiled knowing that the mess right in front of me for once was not MINE to clean up.

I am ending this weekend Feeling Good. Done with the sickness. But just starting on finding the right balance between this world and MY world. They’re intertwined and can live well together I’m sure, but it will take a little testing to see how best to make it work.

Because I loved how I felt all weekend knowing that I was Here. 100% Here. And although my stats dropped DRASTICALLY (you do still love me don’t you?), the smiles I saw all weekend made it worth it.

Thanks Kristen for your great wake up call!



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16 responses to “I Feel Good

  1. What a great weekend, and internet purge. Those kids (and pup) are too cute!

  2. I love bubble-and-chalk season! Yay! Also glad to hear about your successful weekend unplugged. I’ll be anxiously awaiting updates from you and Kristen, as I need/want to make some similar changes.

  3. You are most welcome, sweet friend. Let’s try to keep each other honest, okay? Balance is tricky for me and I could use a hand to hold along the way.

  4. Oh, Becca! That bug is just about the worst thing ever! Glad to see Mother Nature saw to it that you all got some decent weather too!

    I understand the balance thing. Trying to do this when the boys are tucked away for the night and Hubby is busy doing something else. It is nice to just be sometimes and not try to stay to busy.

    Tagged you over at my blog today…Come check it out!

  5. Nicki

    I love unplugging. Great weekend and love the pics!

  6. Looks like a great weekend! I think Kristen did a lot of us a favor with that post!

  7. jen

    Hi Becca,

    Thanks for this. I’ve written a lot (and think all the time) about this same situation. How do we fit in blogging. How do we give ourselves to our kids. I’ve been much less of a presence online lately, and it’s OK. For me, it’s indicative of so much of mothering. Nothing is forever. And, I know, there will be a time when, if I choose to, I will have hours of time when my kids don’t need me. It seems far off, and yet I know the time will fly. So we are going on impromptu bike rides to the park and walks along the river. We are baking cookies together and then sharing them with friends. We are taking the neighborhood kids for the afternoon–so much so that a friend observed that our home seems like a pre-school program. That to me was, surprisingly, a great compliment. And so, there is very little time for blogging. But I am doing something right in this real world. And I thank you for sharing with us your real world, too!

  8. Even I am feeling refreshed after reading about your weekend. Thanks for the update!

  9. Love the pictures, girlie.
    Smooches to you and your adorable brood!

  10. I wonder if it the sunshine and the renewal of Spring that makes it seem that we need to shed ourselves of this blogging obsession.

    The days are longer and filled with possibilities. Let’s just do what we can. Stay in the moment and enjoy.

    Don’t feel that your have to read my posts and comment. Just when you can. When you want to. It’s not a job. I know you are out there and that is wonderful.

  11. You are a wonderfully blessed woman to have such a lovely family. If the very least , all that your blogging is, is that your children are able to read your words: then that is an accomplishment. I would love to have had my mother’s thoughts from this time in her life. So do not worry about your postings and how many comments you recieve. Your writing is honest and witty and you should be proud. Not that I know anything, but I try to let my kids read what I write and my husband helps me by adding productive editing comments. I have emailed all my family to follow. I am trying to keep it in the real world just a little bit. I am trying to find that sweet spot of balance. See, I have never written, I always hid my words. This is a bit of new project for me. But, it keeps my mind alive and lets me practice putting thoughts it into text. So let go of your Jewish guilt. I am trying to let go of my catholic guilt. Trust me, your words are priceless to your “real world”.

  12. I think we all struggle with balance between our life outside the internet and Blog World. I, too, loved the post Kristen wrote – it rang true with me, as well. Good for you with your unplugged weekend! The pictures you shared beautifully illustrate the joy you experienced.

  13. Your weekend looks and sounds perfect! Don’t worry. You have your priorities straight. The right balance will find you.

  14. Hey, I still love you!!

    I am slowly learning that my stats are not indicative of how much people like/read me. It is hard, though, to watch my stats plummet when I take a much needed break. You and Kristen have inspired me in my new journey to find a balance. I am hoping to write about this as soon as I find the time. : )

    As for your break? Sounds blessed. Your children are beautiful and so are you. I REALLY love that picture of you! I hope that you realize how far you have come as a blogger. Even though I don’t comment as promptly as I used to, I am still here and reading. You inspire me!

  15. Awwww. Good for you. Should I feel sad that you don’t know how the concert went?! It was FANTASTIC!!, that’s all you really need to know :-), the rest I suppose is fluff. I’m so happy to read this, you know I’m working with my own personal struggles with balance. I think the spring weather helps us with perspective, makes us appreciate the simple joys again and reconnect with our families, because it’s so much fun to be able to get outdoors and do it.

    I’m struggling to make the same decisions. I love reading blogs, it’s helping me right now, so I continue to read as many as I can. As a trade off, I’m slowing down on other things, Twitter time, real books (I know, probably not good, but blogs are quick reads, I can do it in snapshops much easier than a book) and TV. I haven’t watched a TV show in I can’t remember how long.

    Loved, loved the photos! Thanks, as always for sharing.

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