Something Right

I write so often about my worries, my concerns, my curiosities, my drama.  Too infrequently do I write about my triumphs, my successes, my smiles, my pats on my back (that I give myself).

There are days that I look around me and know I’ve done Something Right.

No, my life is not perfect.  I do not want it to be perfect.  It’s not possible to be perfect.  But so much of my life is what I’ve made of it… and I like what I’ve created.  What I’ve created from scratch.  From the tools I was given and without a brochure or manual.

I make mistakes.  Lots of them.

I cry.  Too often.

I yell.  More than I ever thought I would.


I get hugs.  All day long.

My heart swells.  From the littlest things.

I take pride.  In the tiny steps forward.

I smile.  At the moments.  And the memories.

This face.  This little boy’s face.  Warms my heart.  Makes me melt.

This day.  At the beach.  With my little Crazies. Will be etched in my mind forever.

This furry dog.  Makes rolling around in the dirt look like pure bliss. And brings belly aching giggles to my kids faces.

This brown eyed girl.  Has crept into my heart.  And has taught me more than any other being on this earth.  About life. About love. About me.

We just keep trucking along.  Learning as we go. Through the mud.  Digging for answers. Finding small joys in things we didn’t know could be so joyful.

These two. Make me feel lucky.

Today.  I feel lucky and feel like I must have Done Something Right.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Hey, a Jewish girl is allowed to feel something more than guilt, right?



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11 responses to “Something Right

  1. Wow, this really speaks to me today. You’ve got me smiling for you. (And seriously thinking about rolling around like your sweet pup, or at least going for a tractor ride with my own sweet faces.) =>

  2. This was so lovely to read… it made my heart so happy 🙂 Gorgeous blessings of yours.

    (plus you know I love a good beach day…)

  3. Oh Becca, it’s far too easy to overlook ALL the things that we do right and get stuck in the things we need to improve on. And it doesn’t just happen to you, it’s all of us…

    Your pictures are just beautiful and so was the post. Thank you for putting a smile on this face…

    P.S. Catholic guilt is not much better either, sister!

  4. Good for you, sweetie! You are SO hard on yourself, and it’s nice to see a day when you can just enjoy.

    It looks like everyone had a great time.

    And that dog is the cutest little puffball!

  5. Good for you for finding joy in the everyday! And thank you for the reminder about how lucky a mom can be. I live for those hugs, for the spontaneous I love yous and sometimes I take them for granted.

    Just so you know, I cry too much too.

  6. Liz

    I just love the simplicity and sweetness of this post, Becca. I love the pics. Sometimes, I too feel that all I do is use my blog to vent or complain or try and say something “important.” The lighter posts are sometimes needed and always wonderful!

  7. Makes my heart melt, too. It almost brings tears to my eyes.

    It seems so long ago. My kids that age. I can barely remember.

    Savor these posts. You’ll be revisiting them as you help your children get ready to go to college.

    As a Jewish girl myself, I can tell you that love and fear and guilt are all mixed up into one! But no guilt today. NONE! You’ve done good.

  8. Such sweet pictures of your children — and the dog is a hoot. Happy that you are happy, Becca.

  9. Yes, remembering the things that DO go right is important. It is so difficult, though, because it goes against social rules–you know, tooting your own horn. HOWEVER, it should not be that way! Every person should be allowed to celebrate the things that go right! In fact, we should all celebrate with you! Like I (and your other readers) are doing. Right now.

  10. I’ve been enjoying more posts lately about the sweet things in our lives. I think it’s Spring. And optimism leaning toward us, and we are grabbing hold and jumping in. Jumping OFF.

    Love the pictures of your little ones. And the words that always express so candidly how you are feeling.

  11. Beautiful photos and beautiful sentiments. Thanks for sharing these snapshots of your lovely life.

    And, yes, St. Patrick’s Day is anyone’s to embrace! 🙂

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