Out visiting my Neighbor!

I’m out visiting my friend The Kitchen Witch Friday as part of Never True Tales Won’t You Be My Neighbor event. I’m honored she’s hosting me although a little wary of my debut at her place. Please swing by her amazing site where she’s always so full of wit and wisdom, in and out of the kitchen! I’ll be back home soon!



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4 responses to “Out visiting my Neighbor!

  1. Man! Everybody is so busy visiting I can hardly figure out where anyone is anymore!! (Hellooooo??)

    Do you guys at least offer each other a cup of coffee and a muffin on your visits?


    (Off to visit you at TKW’s. She’ll have food, for sure.)

  2. Beautiful post, as usual…left you a comment over there! Love her too!

  3. Loved your comment on Charlotte’s blog, which led me here.
    Just for you: I loved it when my kids got older. The teenage years were awesome! Late night talks, friends in and out, parties at my house…it was the greatest! It’s like all those years they were learning this and that, and as teens I got to see who they were, what kind of adults they would be.

    It wasn’t all easy but I really enjoyed it. And now they are all grown up, and giving me delightful little grandkids so I can start the process all over again in a new way.

    • Thank you for coming by Lynn and THANK YOU for your insights into the years when the kids grow up. I am so appreciative for the comment that there are GOOD times ahead!

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