Flying Solo

I’m giddy. Giddy with excitement. I remember being twelve and not being able to sleep because I knew my parents would be waking me up before the sun rose to head to the airport for a vacation. I’m that kind of giddy. But I’m not heading to the airport tomorrow. Instead I will be doing what I loved most Before Kids. Something I don’t do often enough. Because I have kids. And because it’s expensive. And because it requires a lot of planning. And layers.

I’m going skiing.

Skiing. It’s when I feel most ALIVE. It’s when I can feel life coursing through my blood.

The wind slapping my face.
The chill burning my cheeks.
The speed under my feet.

Each turn energizes me. Each bump rejuvinates me. My lungs may burn at the end of a long run but my head is clear.

I stop often each trip down the hill. To look and notice the beauty around me. When do I ever do that? Stop. And breathe.

I close my eyes on the chair ride up. And listen. To the wind. To the rhythmic sounds of ski edges scraping down the mountain. To the snow falling from the branches. So peaceful.

It is a sport of one. Just me. No interaction with another. I am only there in the moment, for me. I fly solo. With no concern for another. My mind stays focused on me. My breaths in and out. My legs turning side to side. My arms guiding my moves. I am so joyful in my oneness.

I am giddy. I cannot wait to see the mountain in the distance as I drive towards it. I cannot wait to snap on my boots and click them into the bindings. And take that first deep breath as I sail down the hill.

If the rain would ever stop that is.

* I’ll be taking a couple of days “off” from my computer as I hit the slopes, so my blog will be a little quiet for the weekend. I hope to be back with some fun family and ski stories when I return!



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15 responses to “Flying Solo

  1. Have a wonderful time Becca!!!

  2. Yay, have SO much fun, you deserve it, lady!!!

  3. Oh man, that just totally makes me want to refresh those skiing skills that have been out of practice for like, um, 20 years!!! Have fun!

  4. Have an amazing time! Haven’t been skiing in years. Plenty of snow for it. We’ll just be sledding, it’s new to us being East Coast rookies and all…

    Alex aka Ma What’s For Dinner

  5. Good for you, Becca! Have a great time. You certainly deserve it after all the sickness in your house the past few weeks.

  6. Liz

    Enjoy! That’s how I feel about spending time on the beach on a hot day with the clear waters and blue skies!

  7. Have a blast. Fresh air and soft snow. Enjoy the peace you feel when you hit the slopes!

  8. Yea! Yea! Yea! I’ve finally found someone else who’s a mom by day (day after day after day) but loves the getaway feeling of skiing down a ski slope! I learned to ski in Utah, on perfect snow, with a great adaptive teacher, and get so energized watching these amazing Olympics, with it’s expert skiers. Have FUN, my friend! Be yourself and only yourself, for every minute you’re on that hill!! I totally get it!


  9. You deserve it! Enjoy your solitude on the mountain and the time to take care of YOU first!

  10. Hi Becca! I found you through Kristen of Motherese and am so glad I did. Wanted to say HAVE SO MUCH FUN! It was so perfect that I read this post because I, too, am going skiing! I leave on Tuesday. It’s my first post-baby trip (I had my lil peanut 6 weeks ago), and although it’s not a solo gig, I can’t wait. It will also be my first real break from blogging. So, anyway, your post came at the perfect time. Have a great time!

  11. Have fun!! I am so thrilled for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it!

  12. Hope you are having fun! Can’t wait for stories 🙂


  13. I can just taste your enthusiasm and feel the wind myself! I hope it was all that you wanted it to be.

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