Today I let Hannah play with my iPhone from 6:15-6:45 in the morning before I was able to pry my eyes open from my slumber.

Today I was exasperated with this five year old daughter who was grasping onto me in tears crying, “I’m just going to MISS you mommy” when I tried to leave her at school.

Today I watched Luke’s little hands grab onto two hanging rings and smiled as I saw him lift his legs off the ground for the first time supported only by his arms.

Today I giggled with pride as Luke stood in the center of the circle of moms and kids in music class and danced to his own beat, looking back at me every few minutes for reassurance.

Today I took Luke out of his crib right after putting him in at naptime because he was crying.  And with his arms stretched above his head he said, “MOMMY” totally, perfectly, absolutely correctly For the First Time.

Today I did five loads of laundry.  None of them were my clothes.

Today I pushed Luke’s highchair into the family room in front of the TV at lunch time so I could fold the laundry without him knocking over all of my piles.  I smiled as I folded all of the little pajamas, tiny jeans and pint-sized dresses.

Today I filled three massive garbage bags with old linens, pillows, comforters, and towels and THREW them into the GARBAGE leaving three empty shelves in the closet.

Today I made Hannah’s five year old doctor’s appointment and told her about it, thinking preparing her for it was the best way to go.  I now think she’ll cry every day until the appointment.

Today I bought a pair of Merrell shearling clogs.  I swore I never would.  I told everyone that would never be me.  I am now in heaven and don’t think I’ll EVER take them off.

Today I was impressed by Luke’s creativity as he put two Matchbox cars in a shoe at the shoe store and “drove” the shoe around the floor as I tried on my new ugly ass shoes.

Today I read a blog post that made me cry.  I reread another one that made me cry again (even though I had already cried after reading it last night).  Thank god I then read one that I laughed so hard at, I cried.

Today I took Luke to the drive through at Dunkin Donuts as an ACTIVITY. He laughed as I talked to the intercom.  He waved and said hi to the window guy as he got his free munchkin.  What more could he ask for?

Today I realized I was a mom when I heard Luke crying in the backseat and I realized he had dropped his lollipop on the floor and I picked it up, looked around fruitlessly for a napkin, and ended up sucking the fuzzies off for him. ( I know, beyond yuck).

Today I decided to pick Hannah up early from school to spend some nice time with her (remembering her sad eyes and quivering lips when I dropped her off).  She cried when she saw me because she wasn’t ready to leave.  (Mind you, I got to Hannah’s classroom just as she was putting two Swedish Fish into a cup of blue jello liquid.  They had learned about Long Island Sound and were making a jello representation of fish in the sound.  I wouldn’t have wanted to leave either.)

Today I cooked one dinner.  One dinner for four people.  And everyone ate it.  Even if we ate at 4 separate times.

Today I was the one giving Tim the much needed hug after an excruciatingly long day.


Today was just like any other day. Yet totally different at the same time. Because although each day feels the same – same worries, same annoyances, same joys, same routine -each day brings newness.  New memories.  New realizations.  New challenges. New phases.

And of course, new shoes (as ugly as they might be).


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27 responses to “Today

  1. Liz

    How funny…I went out in search of Uggs today..or any boot with shearling inside. I am so sick of cold feet! And I,too, swore I’d never wear something with “fuzzy” inside. Hmm. From stilettos to fuzzy. (Unfortunately, I didn’t find any.)

  2. crnnoel

    This is good stuff 🙂 Love seeing your day.
    And lady? Clearing shelves? One dinner for everyone? Comfy warm shoes? You are fabulous!

  3. I’m breathless – what an amazingly busy day.

    My son recently had his five year appointment and was brave through the terrible ordeal of shots. My little man, he covered his eyes with one hand and gripped my hand with his other, but he didn’t flinch or yell or wiggle away.

    I’m sure Hannah will survive as well. 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so glad to hear he did well! It was better at the 4 year when she didn’t know what to expect. Now, she remembers the pain. I think she’s imagining it worse than it is though! I hope…

      Thank you for coming by!

  4. Today I (for the zillionth time) ignored my horrendously messy home and took a nap. A two hour nap. It felt great. When I woke up, I was a much better mommy.

    Darling, if I could find a pair of those shoes you mentioned, I probably would not take them off either.

    And, your Luke makes me smile. So does your Hannah. (Heck, I wouldn’t want to go home, either!)

    • Ooooohhhh… a nap. Now THAT would make me feel good! I’m so happy you grabbed one. You deserve it!
      I’m telling you, I don’t think these shoes are coming off my feet until spring, maybe summer. They are heaven.

  5. What an incredible and yet beautifully normal sounding day! I loved this post and am feeling inspired (too tired to do much about it – but inspired nonetheless!!) Thanks!

  6. Nicki

    Isn’t it grand how normal is fantastic?

  7. I love this glimpse into your life – which could be, not surprisingly, almost lifted from a day of my own. I think these reflections will be fascinating to look back at when our kids are a bit older.

    Glad that you are finding some sunshine even in the cloudy cold of winter.

    • Yes, I figure that every once in a while I need to write a post like this so I can REMEMBER the craziness of my normal days. In the future I’ll either look back and realize how hard or easy I had it! I wonder which it will be…

      Hope you are enjoying some warmth in Fl if you’re still there!

  8. I’m laughing at Hannah’s antics, because Miss D. used to pull the same thing with me–wail at the drop-off, and then when I’d show up early, be totally pissed off and unwilling to leave. I think those two have a lot in common.

    No worries about the shoes–I own uggs AND those ugly Merrels. Shameful.

    • I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the new separation anxiety she’s experiencing at school. All I know is that it’s a new phase I’m not so thrilled with!

      Yes, now my Uggs and these Merrels have replaced my converse and Tivas. Fashion statement I am not.

  9. Sara

    Ok…I’m never reading your sad posts again – I should have known – it was marked “SAD.” I had to fan my eyes and blink with my head down so I don’t have make up running down my face! Enough with the five year old posts already – I can’t even get myself to write about Dane – I have a blank page in his book because I write three words and I cry…I have to stop and I think it will be easier another day…. It is so nice to know that I’m not the only one…
    miss you…Sara

    • Finally! A comment from you! I’m sorry I made you cry… this was nothing compared to some of my others! But I also cry every time I write about hannah these days. Five. Too old. You are certainly not alone!
      Miss you too! I do hope soon we’ll get the kiddies together!

  10. Sara

    Oh…by the way…I love this new site – it will finally take my comments! See you back here really soon!

  11. That last paragraph- perfectly describes life with our kids. I love it!

  12. lz

    I can so relate to the loads of laundry and comfy shoes. I feel like I wash clothes so often that I should always have a closet full. Not the case.
    I swore I’d never wear Dansko clogs. They are so freaking ugly. I bought some when I was pregnant and haven’t looked back. They are the only shoes I don’t itch to take off at the end of the day. I’ve completely accepted that I am part of the comfortable shoes set now.

    • Sadly, my Dansko’s became uncomfortable for me! They started to feel like walking on two bricks. They were so HEAVY to go up and down and up and down (and did I say up and down) the stairs all day. So, here I am with my fuzzy clogs. Even LESS stylish than the Dansko, yet like walking on/in clouds! And yes, I’ve also accepted the “mom shoes”… better than “mom jeans”!

  13. He called you Mommy!!! Woo hoo!!! Isn’t it the most wonderful amazing thing ever?

  14. Oh, those precious firsts… it’s lovely reading about them. And remembering.

  15. Ashley

    Hi! I read everyday and love your writing. Your kids are beautiful, and the stories always make me smile. Keep it up, you’re a great writer!

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