Mirror Mirror

Usually I have an overflow of words coming out of my brain. An endless supply of stories, rants, jokes, etc. Today though, not so much. I think a combination of sheer exhaustion from 3 nights of far too little sleep, the disbelief that we now have bees escaping from their hive INTO my house and a mouse family that seems to have not only moved into the walls but now hired an interior designer to make them feel even more at home. I’m also overwhelmed with frustration in not being able to sell my expertise to a company that I KNOW would benefit from having me there and now after interviewing with them realizing that I really am ready to get back to work. And finally, I have those damn medical concerns I spoke of yesterday. All of this has led me to a complete shut-down in the creative blog-writing side of my brain (there is such a part you know). You might THINK that all I listed above would provide me with enough to write about, but it’s all too depressing. I need to elicit some sort of positive emotion from you when you read what I write (or at least leave you shaking your head in disgust, disbelief or horror), not depressed. So, I wandered over to MamaKatslosinit.com knowing that her fabulous blog offers prompts to get the juices flowing each week. It’s my first time borrowing a prompt, but I see lots of people do it so I’ve succumb to peer pressure. Hopefully it won’t lead to my going out to buy “conversation cards” to use at my next party.

So the prompt I’m using is #4 on her list, “When I look into the mirror…” It’s ironic that I’ve chosen this one being that I so rarely look in the mirror these days. I probably should look in the mirror more, honestly. Maybe if I did, I’d see the blue marker line drawn on my cheek. Maybe I’d see the sticker that Hannah stuck to my chest without my knowing. Maybe I’d see that I so desperately need an eyebrow wax. Maybe I’d see the Breathe Right that Tim so lovingly stuck on my shoulder as he got out of bed in the morning (did you know Breathe Rights work wonders for snoring?). Maybe I’d see that I’m still wearing my pajama shirt before I ran out of the house. Maybe I’d see that I have oatmeal goo on my jeans. Maybe I’d see the hickey that Tim left on my neck (Ha! Wanted to make sure you’re all still with me!).
At the same time, it’s probably good that I don’t look in the mirror so often. It might make me sad that I look so unbelievably tired all the time. I’d probably be frustrated that my hair is such a mess most days. I’d probably want to go out and spend more money on makeup to brighten myself up! I’d probably want to kick myself for having the look of impatience when dealing with my kids. I most likely would see the mess behind me in the room and know I just don’t have the time to do anything about it. This way I can at least pretend that I look half way decent and can pull off not showering for ONE more day.
But here’s what I DO see when I actually slow down and take a look at myself. I see someone who might BE 37 but in my head is still 27. I see someone who feels lucky that she can be in her pajamas all day if I want to since my kids certainly aren’t judging me for what I’m wearing. I see someone who finally after too many years of feeling “fat” is fine with my weight. I see my daughter next to me, pretending to put on my makeup, brushing her hair, imitating my every move and I remember doing the exact same thing 33 years ago. I see my blonde son and laugh that I gave birth to someone that looks so different from me. I see more freckles than I should have, but don’t regret having because they remind me of so many fun days this summer. I see a paint splattered shirt that reminds me that I had FUN today (even if that paint project only lasted 7 minutes). I see a girl, a mom, a daughter, a friend, and a wife and I then remember why I look so tired. And then I see the clock behind me and realize I’m late picking Hannah up at school, haven’t made dinner, and I notice that Luke is treacherously climbing the doggy stairs up to my bed while carrying 3 balls in his hands.
And here in lies the reason that I choose NOT to look in the mirror.



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5 responses to “Mirror Mirror

  1. Anonymous

    oh man, sounds serious. i have been having a week like that (make that 2 weeks), wallowing in my pity and today at 4:30 i told myself to fuck off and enjoy the moment with my kids. i jumped in and was giddy with the giggles i elicited from the kids. i wish i could be like that more often though and not be so wrapped up in my dramas and stresses. breathe right strips huh? i just spent $100 on that damn pillow from brookstone to no avail. jeff woke me up 3 times last night (the 3rd time i literally yelled at him, "stfu!"), in addition to the dog who thought the best pillow for her was my leg and everett crying for mama at 2 different times. this was the one night i promised myself i would get a good nights sleep…i go to bed at night thinking about turning on my keurig and what kind of coffee i will enjoy when i wake up…sad!

  2. Mommy Inbetween

    Thank you for speaking just right out of my mind…

  3. theycallmejane

    Such an interesting post that came out of a "lack of inspiration". And I'm with you on the looking in the mirror and seeing a maybe 37 (ahem, 45) yr. old and but feeling 27. When did I get this old and why is this 20-something still inhabiting my brain?

  4. Mama Kat

    It's weird how we can freeze ourselves in time, but our bodies keep aging…and I DON'T LIKE IT!! 😉 I'm glad you participated this week, look at what a though provoking post you created…and FYI, you can TOTALLY look in the mirror! You're beautiful!!

  5. LZ @ My Messy Paradise

    I wish I could look at my wrinkles and grays and be reminded of all the fun I've had in the 35 years it has taken for me to get them, but I don't. I just see grays and wrinkles.You have an awesome outlook and sound so happy with yourself. I need a lesson…

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