Thank you for holding

Your call will be answered in the order it was received. Cue truly, amazingly annoying muzak. I know it’s terribly frustrating that I have not updated my blog in a few days, but I’m afraid you’re going to JUST have to wait 2 more days. Here is the rundown of the situation at hand:

– I went away to the Hamptons on Saturday and somehow brought my computer charger instead of my phone charger. THANK GOD for my cousin-in-law (in case she reads this and finds it weird that I refer to her as my cousin) who brought 2 iPhone chargers. A weekend without tweeting? Without facebook? Without texting? Just talking to other people around me? That would have been misery.

– I came home from the Hamptons on Monday WITHOUT the computer charger. This leaves me here at home unable to use my laptop and quite embarassed that now THAT side of the family also sees what a disorganized mess I am At All Times. ( I also left Hannah’s sneakers, her hat and her fave movie of the moment Pinocchio). I left all of this AFTER my uncle-in-law asked me if I was SURE I had everything and I rather abruptly responded that I was sure I had it all…

– I refuse to write a blog entry on my iPhone. Way too small a screen. I’ve already actually written WAY more than I intended… so… until Thursday, go read a book or something.


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