Figure Eights

I’m having a hard time snapping back to reality after my little get-away with Hannah this past weekend. I was really only gone for 24 hours but it was a packed 24 hours and although I missed Tim and Luke, having that time with her was truly memorable. Plus, just before we left I had some weird stuff go on with this blog (sorry to be vague on this) so I’m just not sure how much to share here and in that case, blog topics are failing me. In any case…

I’m glad to have come back to a post topic handed to me from my new blog friend Liz from It’s just a new take on the “let me help you to get to know me better” lists that we get on a daily basis (and I happen to always be the one noted as the one to first reply since everyone knows how much I love lists! Even if they aren’t mine!). This is the first chain-get-to-know-me blog list I’ve completed though…and it’s lists of 8 things, I suppose in honor of my eight years of marriage?

Note: sadly I don’t have eight people I specifically want to tag (as I was instructed to do), so if you read this and feel you’d like to jump in… feel free! Let me know you’ve done it so I can go back and read all your deep, dark secrets!

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:

  1. Next weekend in the Hamptons… a few extra hands, a few extra glasses of wine, a few west coast family members in tow, hopefully a few laughs… but definitely a few less hours of sleep since Luke will be in an unfamiliar pack-and-play.
  2. 10 days in Mystic starting 8/28… our yearly (as of last year) family trip. Hopefully it will be as wonderful as it was last year (especially if Luke familiarizes himself with that pack-and-play this coming weekend!)
  3. Hannah starting tennis lessons… if she can get past the fact that her teacher is a “boy” we should be ok.
  4. Skiing this winter. Got my new skis last week so bring on the snow!
  5. Luke starting KinderMusic. For once he’ll get to be in his Own class, not one of Hannah’s.
  6. My spa get-away in October. Still tbd who will be joining me, but honestly, I’d go alone and be thrilled. Anyone want to come?
  7. My bangs to be grown out so I can put everything back in a ponytail and Off. My. Face.
  8. Luke saying Ma Ma. It’s one of those things that is on every I wish, I can’t wait, and When will it happen list.

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

  1. Saw Hannah hit her first tennis ball
  2. Jumped in the waves of the ocean holding Hannah’s clenched hand.
  3. Tried to help Hannah jump on a pogo stick for the first time (that was interesting)
  4. Drove 4 hours home from the Jersey Shore (while singing to Radio Disney, playing I Spy, and making up Knock Knock jokes).
  5. Played Pick Up Sticks with my nieces
  6. Got the best “welcome home smile” from Luke
  7. Watched Tim go skinny dipping
  8. Dealt with a 45 minute tantrum from Hannah from far too little sleep while away having far too much fun.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

  1. play tennis every day
  2. Get Luke to like the daycare at the gym
  3. Draw anything… even a good stick figure
  4. Have the most stunning garden in the neighborhood
  5. Not worry so much about my health
  6. Get Hannah to sleep past 6:30
  7. Go to sleep when I’m tired
  8. Never feel guilty

8 Places I’d Like to Visit:

  1. Hawaii
  2. African Safari
  3. Italy
  4. Fiji
  5. San Fran (for more than 4 hours)
  6. Wine country
  7. New Mexico
  8. Costa Rica

Places I Have Visited:

  1. england
  2. Scotland
  3. Vegas
  4. All over the Caribbean
  5. Cabo
  6. Florida Keys
  7. Madeira (Portugal)
  8. LA
That’s it? I guess it’s enough… it’s late and I’m tired so... I should go to sleep. Tomorrow I shall spill the beans about my blog drama. And then will see what will follow.


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