It’s truly amazing what 24 hours away can do. Most of what it can do starts with the letters “re”. Refresh, rejuvenate, rejoice, reminisce, reinvigorate, relax, reassess and of course, return.

Tim and I escaped into NYC last night to celebrate our 8 year anniversary which crazily is coming this week on 8/11.
We decided to live a day as we did pre-Hannah and pre-suburbs when we lived in a one bedroom apartment in NYC. So we checked into a room in a swanky hotel, went for a run in Central Park, strolled on the Upper West Side (sadly were asked by a Hansom cab if we wanted a ride. Poor guy was a little put off by my brutally evil glare which said something like, “what do I look like a TOURIST or something??”), got dressed up like cool urbanites, went out for a dinner in a hip Tribeca restaurant, and even went out AFTER dinner to a too-loud-for-my-old-ears lounge and drank martinis.
Today. I. Hurt.
But it was most definitely worth it. I got to shower without someone drawing smiley faces on the shower door and shouting to me that she could see my boobies through the door. I got to dry my hair without worrying that someone was going to get tangled in the hairdryer cord. I got to wear thong underwear without someone telling me I had a “HORRENDOUS WEDGIE MOMMY! I think your undies must be on backwards or something!” I got to walk through the room without tripping over a bright orange, red and yellow plastic ball that then moves on its own bleeping an unknown tune and flashing lights for 7 minutes. I didn’t have anyone to put to bed and tell 3 stories to. I didn’t have to fight with my dog for pillow space. I got to sleep until 7:30!!! But even better, stay in bed until 9:00. I didn’t have to watch Wow Wow Wubbzy or Stuart Little. I got to drink my coffee in bed. But best of all, I got to return home with a renewed love for all things my kids do for me, to me and with me and I got to remember what special time with Tim is about, without the background noise of the kids or the urgency to come home to relieve the sitter. Yes, I have a headache and am a little shaky after the chocolate martinis but to drive in the driveway to Hannah bursting through the front door to give us a hug and hear her say, “did you enjoy your run? Did you have a happy wedding anniversary?” and to see Luke waddle out, arms straight up in the air with a goofy, happy smile (albeit a bit feverish) reminded me why I don’t escape more often.

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