Fat Lip Friday

Just for the record, from now on I’ll be referring to the last day of the work week as “Fat Lip Friday”.  The past 3 Fridays Luke has managed to fall on his face and give himself a fat lip so it seems like the appropriate new name.  This way, if he doesn’t actually give himself a fat lip on Friday, it will be a good excuse to give someone else a fat lip so I can write about it.  This morning Luke’s fat lip occurred at Hannah’s school.  He was crawling and I guess his hands slipped out from under him and he smushed his face on the floor.  The little teeth coming in must have sliced into his top lip based on the gush of blood that appeared instantly.  Poor Hannah was beside herself running around, shouting for ice, telling the other kids, “Don’t worry, this happens ALL the time”.  Great, now the other kids and teachers know what really goes on behind the closed doors of my house.  We gave him a popsicle from her class freezer (which then made the other 4 year olds in the class work to figure out how THEY could get fat lips and in turn receive a popsicle) and Luke calmed down a bit.  His lip – not so much.  At least his “b” sounds are sounding a little more like “m” sounds since he can’t get his lip tucked under enough for a “buh” sound.  Why is this good?  Because now instead of “ba, ba, ba” being his only sound/word, he’s actually saying “Ma Ma”!



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2 responses to “Fat Lip Friday

  1. Katy

    “…it’ll be a good excuse to give someone else a fat lip so I can write about it.” Hilarious!! I hope he doesn’t do a faceplant next week, because I really want to read about who you give a fat lip to!

  2. notdrowning

    The things some mothers do to get their children to say “Mama”!Looking forward to the next installment of Fat Lip Friday (she says, thankful she lives on the other side of the globe and she can’t possibly be the target).

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