Later Gator!

Yesterday I was not a good mommy.  I usually pride myself on my patience and attention that I give to both kids but yesterday… I let one of them escape.  Literally.  We were at the indoor playground at the mall and I spent some of the time watching Hannah and Luke play together like siblings should, and the rest of the time chasing after Luke as he made his way out of the play area and into the mall area.  Hannah kept saying, “Don’t tell him ‘it’s not funny’ mommy because Luke thinks it’s funny and you’re confusing him”.  (sigh).  Have I told you how fast Luke is?  He does this “scoot” thing instead of a crawl where we moves on his tush with one arm straight up in the air and the other pushing him along.  He gives lots of people a good laugh watching him do his thang.  There is honestly no reason for him to find it necessary to walk because he can move so quickly this way!  Anyway, back to my story…. in walks an old acquaintance of mine with her three kids and I got busy catching up with her.  I could still see Hannah playing around in my peripheral vision and I guess I just, well, forgot about Luke.  Until two (better) moms (that earlier were laughing at Luke’s fast scoot) came running over to me yelling that my son was down by Panda King.  Panda King is one of the food court restaurants about 50 yards from the play area.  I ran out and saw my little guy, one arm raised high up in the air, making his way for his first Lo Mein meal.  When I finally caught up to him he had a huge smile on his face… very proud that he was Mr. Independent, not aware that a few yards further he would have been on the elevator headed down toward Victoria’s Secret.  Or maybe he was aware (can’t start too early with the negliges) … Today I will be a better mommy.  I will be out shopping for a leash.  



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2 responses to “Later Gator!

  1. Mama Nut

    Oh! I am glad I’m not the only one with a sneaky child! Once my hubby and I took our 2 boys to Family Fun Center to play on the soft play jungle gym thing. We both thought that the other one was watching our oldest, and we were both watching the youngest. When we figured it out, we were frantic! Finally we found him in the middle of the roller skating rink totally jamming to the tunes. What a sneak!

  2. Katy

    Oh goodness- I’m sure he gave you quite a scare! Just wait until he’s walking. I’d love to see video of his scoot, sounds hilarious!!

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