Hannah is newly obsessed with being a rock star.  I mean she always liked to sing,  but the term “Rock star” is pretty new.   And it’s only recently that she declared she wants to be a rock star for Halloween this year.  It might have something to do with my infatuation with American Idol- she knows it’s the one show on the TiVo list that is there for me.  The other 40 recorded shows are hers – all hers.  We watched one of the earlier episodes together and she talked about ‘Lil as her favorite for many weeks after that.  She would always ask on Thursday if ‘Lil was still on the show.  She actually spoke of ‘Lil as if she was a real friend of hers (and I say that as I have just finished telling Tim that I feel like Ryan Seacrest is my friend since we “tweet”).  Last week we watched some of the finale together.  Her favorite song to sing at the top of her lungs is Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie and when I saw Fergie was going to sing on American Idol I knew Hannah would be thrilled.  And that she was – 23 Big Girls Don’t Cry’s later and having memorized every booty shake and lyric… Hannah was satisfied to move onto the next act of the show.  Half way through the finale she announced she wants to be an American Idol so being the supportive mommy that I am I said, “Ok Hannah we can work on that” and she said, “I want to be THAT one” pointing at Alexis Grace.  I tried to explain that if she is on American Idol she’d be herself but she just kept saying if she’s on the show, that’s the one she wants to be.  It was one of those going nowhere conversations where I finally just said, “ok, you can be that one”.   Tonight as I was putting her to bed she said, “mommy, did you know that Rock Stars have an attitude?”  (I think I have Bebe (Tim’s mom) to thank for that one… ) and laughing I said, “yes, Hannah most Rock Stars do have an attitude”.  

“Mommy, what’s an attitude?”  
“It’s when you think you’re the “shnizzzy””.  (Not sure where I came up with that word but it sounded good at the moment).
“What’s the shnizzzy?”
“It’s when you think you’re the best thing ever.  It’s not good to have an attitude because people might not like you if you think you’re the best thing ever”.
“Well, when I’m a rockstar, I won’t have an attitude…. but I MIGHT be the shnizzzy – a NICE shnizzzy”.
Watch out American Idol 2021.

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