morning chatter

I have been blessed with an insanely early rising daughter.  It’s better than it was when she was 2-3 when she used to get up at 4:00 FOR THE DAY but still it’s too early for me.  The rule is that she can’t come into our room until 6:00 and we can’t go downstairs until 7:00 but that rule sometimes gets bent a bit… for instance this morning she came in at 5:55 (or in Hannah’s terms, “five, five, five”) and after climbing into our bed and getting herself settled she said, “woooops, sorry mommy, I forgot to look at my clock before I came in this morning…. is it ok anyway?”.  At this point it was five five nine so not really worth sending her back to her room.  Not only does she get up so early but she is unbelievably CHATTY at this time as well.  I mean, I used to get up ridiculously early to go to the gym but there was a “no talking allowed” rule with Tim.  It was all business.  I’ve tried telling Hannah that it’s too early to talk but “I have questions mommy”.  “Just one more question, I promise…”.  Sometimes I wonder whether her questions are real or hypothetical which can make me a little nervous to answer them.  For instance, this morning she asked me, “mommy can you have a duck for a pet?”.  I wasn’t sure if she was asking whether it was possible for “one” to have a duck for a pet or if she wanted to get a duck for a pet and my answering “yes” would then lock me into heading out to the nearest pond to find a pet duck.  I told her I didn’t know if “you” could have a pet duck and she went on to tell me she thinks you can but we’d need to keep water in our bathtub all the time for it to swim around.  And she said, the quacking might keep us all awake and be “annoying”.  I guess she decided on her own that a pet duck might not be the best idea for our family.  

Between 6 and 7 is some serious TV time in the family bed before we go downstairs.  Her favorite show of the moment, “Wow Wow Wubbzy” is on at 6 (thank you Noggin for taking away freaky Oobi and putting Wubbzy in its place).  For those of you who don’t know Wubbzy, jury is still out on what he actually is… some square, long tailed creature who is always getting himself into trouble.  Hannah loves the music and dancing and most mornings, through squinty, half asleep eyes, I see her standing up in the bed shaking her booty and belting out the songs.  Well, I guess if she’s going to be up at that hour it’s good she can entertain herself right?  I’ll just have to deal with the bouncing bed and never-ending questions until her body decides 7 is a better time to wake.

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  1. Mama Nut

    Good ol’ Noggin… saved my sanity many a times! Wuzzy is a weird show… but my kids like it and as long as it doesn’t teach naughty things I am ok with it. I haven’t seen Oobi… maybe I am lucky?

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