Starting Early

On the way to school this morning Hannah said, “Mommy, I told Carmie that my new best friend is Maddie.  I told her that she is going to want to play with me more now that Maddie is my new best friend because she’ll miss me and wonder why I’m not playing with her as much anymore”.   A little background here: Hannah has been coming home from school in tears for the past month or so because her old best friend Carmie seems to want to play with Sadie more than Hannah and Carmie tells Hannah most days that she is no longer her best friend.  I told Hannah that she should start playing with other friends and in turn Carmie will most likely come around and want Hannah to play with her again.  (I call it 4 year old hard-to-get).  The problem is that I didn’t expect Hannah would repeat verbatim to Carmie what I told her to do (like if you told the guy after your first date that you weren’t going to return his calls because then he’d be more prone to like you more)… her honesty sadly, isn’t helping the situation.  I didn’t think the heartache would start so young.  I didn’t think she’d be a part of a clique at 4.  I didn’t expect her to cry to me at night saying, “mommy why doesn’t my best friend like me anymore?”.  I didn’t think that her preschool class would be like a sorority rush scene.   You should see these 4 year old girls… Hannah runs into the classroom and is met with, “Hannah look at my new shoes”, “Hannah do you like my dress?”, “Hannah I love your hairtie”, etc… it’s a fashion show each morning!  And then there was the morning I walked in and Carmie raised her shirt up and said, “Hannah’s mommy look at my BRA!”  “CARMIE”, I said, “Why are you wearing a bra??”.  “To cover up my boobies”, she said.  “But isn’t that what your shirt is for?” I asked.  “No, I need the bra”… I was then met with Hannah saying she needed a bra too… the whole thing was wrong on so many levels.  Luckily I guess the bra straps were a little uncomfortable and it’s been left home ever since.   I’m also happy Carmie and Hannah will be going their separate ways next year because if she’s wearing a bra at 4 I’m a little nervous what she’ll be bringing to the table at 14.


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  1. Katy

    LOL… I used to be a director of a preschool and this sounds exactly right. THey are always talking about who is whose best friend and who is going to whose party, etc etc etc. My little girl is still a baby, so fortunately, I have time to ponder how I will handle all this drama! Maybe I’ll keep reading your posts and you’ll have some good advice! Love your blog, I will be back!!

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