Swimming with the Fishies

You know that mom who you see watching their kid and you just have to roll your eyes over how worked up and animated they get over their kid?  Because really, you just don’t care so much about any other kid… only your own, right (or is that just me?)  So I was that mom today.  Hannah has been struggling with building up enough confidence to swim on her own.  We all have known she CAN do it but she just wouldn’t.  And we’re desperate for her to learn to swim.  The thought of chasing both kids around our pool all summer, frantic over them falling in just doesn’t sound appealing.  (I swear I’ll have them both wearing swim vests from the second they get up in the morning until the moment they go to bed.  It won’t matter if they are in the kitchen eating lunch, napping, riding their bikes in the driveway or blowing bubbles in the yard.  Because you just never know when a strong force wind will come and blow them into the pool.) Hannah’s excuse recently has been, “mommy I just don’t think I’ve eaten enough green vegetables so I’m not strong enough”.  She kept saying, “when I’m ready, I’ll do it”.  Can’t argue with that logic.  The past 2 weeks she’s cried and cried during class, grasping onto the edge of the pool.  I’d see her little mouth mouthing, “Mommy, I don’t want to, Mommy tell her I’m not ready”.  It was heartbreaking.  But today, some burst of confidence must have overtaken her because she did it!  She swam about 20 feet a number of times ON. HER. OWN!  And I was the crazy mommy jumping up and down, yelling “YEAH HANNAH!” and looking around for everyone else to applaud right along with me.  But for some reason they were watching their own children and didn’t seem to care much about mine.   


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