Nut Job

At a much later stage than Hannah, Luke is finally learning how to be social.  Up until very recently when he was in the company of other kids he would stare at them and gently touch them as if he wondered whether they were real.  Yes, he’s a bit of a mama’s boy, attached to my hip most hours of the day.  So I joined a gym class so that he could learn to interact with other kids, play with other kids, just see some different walls than the ones in my house really!  Most of the kids in the class are older – running around, talking a bit and participating in the organized class.  Luke really just uses the time as “open gym” where he crawls around, throws balls and touches the other kids.  I’m fine with that.  The drama came yesterday when I noticed Luke putting something in his mouth.  I ran over and saw a whole peanut sitting on the ground next to him and assumed he had put another whole peanut in his mouth.  I assumed correctly.  Luckily I was able to scoop it out of his mouth before he choked on it but my true fear was the allergy side of it.  The rational side of me knew that he had been tested and everything came back negative but the mom of Hannah side of me didn’t trust those tests at all.  Coincidentally he also started coughing immediately and got the hiccups.   Visions of all the stories I’d read about anaphylaxis came rushing into my head. Thankfully all was fine and Luke seemed amused by my worries but it was a tense 30 minutes or so.  But really, who in their right mind brings whole peanuts to a baby gym class and leaves them scattered about?  What is wrong with people?   I never found the culprit here but each mom got a pretty bitchy look from me just in case they were to blame so they would know I was NOT happy!

Daily Drama Dose: I’m a little confused how Luke refuses to put most new foods in his mouth (as yummy as I explain they are) yet eating that wood chip at the playground seemed like a delicious idea.  My mouth sweep wasn’t as effective as with the peanut and I hope to find the chip in his diaper tomorrow…


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