The day I took this picture I asked my mom friends on Facebook whether they had ever put their son’s hair up in a hairtie to see how they’d look as a girl.  A surprising number of moms actually admitted to having done this… I mean you have to wonder right?  I tried it and I am pretty certain Luke actually liked having his hair off his face.  I don’t think he could pass for a girl even with his hair up though… still just looked like a boy with a hairtie.  Today I decided it was time to give the little guy a haircut.  Or I should say “take” him for a haircut.  The mullet was getting a bit long, his hair was falling over his eyes and even though his pediatrician said it was good that the long hair was covering his big ears (nice right?), it was time.  I took him to the same place I had taken Hannah, remembering the nice car he could sit in and the TV he could watch.  I also remembered that they made a great, “My First Haircut” certificate with a lock of his hair and a picture… all this was still the same but Luke wanted NO part of the Mercedes Benz he was placed in (more the Range Rover type I guess) or the TV.  He immediately started screaming and reaching for me which isn’t ideal for the woman with the scizzors.  So, he rode the Mommy Lap Car instead and all went great.  The woman was a pro at cutting kids hair – I was shocked she didn’t cut off one of his ears with all the head dodges he was throwing at her.  But in the end, I walked out with a little man with a nice “do” (my baby has disappeared to boyhood I’m afraid) and a certificate to prove his success.  I was tempted to buy him some new hairties (they were so CUTE) but left empty handed… 


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