Walk the Talk

Mother’s Day today.  Got to sleep until 8:00 (if you count Hannah coming in at 6:00 as a wake up call and at 7:30 telling me, “ok mommy time to come downstairs now!”)… so i stayed in BED until 8:00 which was sadly is 2 hours past the norm.  Got a pedicure… albeit with Hannah on my lap trying desperately to get her toes into the spa tub, playing with the back massager (she liked the vibrate mode because it made my “boobies” jiggle around so much which to a 4 year old I guess is hysterical), and asking every step of the way whether everything the lady did tickled my toes.  When I told her I wanted to go by myself because it’s “my special day” she said, “but mommy how will everyone know it’s “your day” if I’m not with you”.  I guess she worried people wouldn’t know I was a mommy if I wasn’t with her.  So, not too relaxing but still my toes are less like sharp weapons and much prettier than before.    The best part of the day was the picnic we had in Greenwich.  Nothing better than a beautiful day, a picnic blanket, a 4 year old tackling me with tickles and a 1 year old eating solid foods (FINALLY!) and taking his first steps!  That’s right… took 4 steps!!  A bunch of times!  So now I have a very excited little boy who will be on the move before we know it, and I’m afraid a very jealous little 4 year old since her nonspeaking, toothless little brother now has something very exciting going on and everyone is gushing about.  I guess I’ll deal with her calling everyone in sight “poopy head”, burping in public, shaking her tush and all other attention getters for the time being.  A day of just Routine Drama but a very nice Mother’s Day in the end.


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