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The Shaw household has many levels of drama.  There’s the every day expected type of drama that any house with a four year old girl (and maybe boy) has.  This is called, “Routine Drama”.  There’s the short lived, outburst, almost laughable drama that is over before it really even gets going.  We’ll call this “Comical Drama”.  And then there’s the drawn out, oh-boy-throw-me-out-the-window-now type of drama.  Let’s call that “Need a Drink Drama”.  So why this blog?  Why now?  I was playing in my basement yesterday with Luke and Hannah (Luke was chasing a ball around and Hannah was repeatedly saying, “mama watch me, mama can you do this? mama?  Mama?  Mama?…) and watching some sort of chaos ensue, when I looked around and in my head popped, “Mama, this is drama”… thus this blog was born.  I have always said I should write down the crazy things that come out of my kids (and my) mouths so that down the road I can read it and remember how it made me laugh (and/or cry).  So here it begins…

Yesterday’s dose of Comical drama was when Luke started making a bee line for the electrical outlet (I swear that boy has magnets in his finger tips that forcefully draw him toward the outlets unknowingly) when Hannah started jumping up and down, flailing her arms and yelling, “Quick Mama, get him!! He’s going to get Electric City Cuted!”.  The jumping and flailing continued long after Luke was removed from danger and the 4 year old lecture to him even longer… we will be heading to Target today to buy some additional socket protectors.

Daily Drama Dose: “Mommy, Nana can’t hear because she’s old.  Not old like I want to throw her away in the garbage old but old like the number old”  Hannah 4 years 4 months old.


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